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The Top Best Kodi Builds for January 2018

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Top Best Kodi Build January 2018

So your all wondering whats the best Kodi build or builds for the end of 2017. Well the list is short, but its jam packed with awesome content. If you don’t know what a kodi build is check out this post here for more info. But if you want the short and sweet, its a nice pretty interface that enables you to use kodi and install its add-ons in only a few easy step. So enough of the BS, lets get straight to it.


The 5 Best Kodi Build of January 2018


  1. No Limtes Magic
  2. Fire Tv Guru
  3. Titanium
  4. Pulse CCM
  5. Cellar Door


1. No Limits Magic


best kodi build tron screenshot

No Limits Magic is a super clean build. The layout is super nice and runs very smooth even if you machine is a little slow.

best kodi build no limits screenshot 2



No Limits Magic Build has all the best add-on’s enabling easy access for everyone. The view will not found no lack in Tv Show, Movies, or Sports. It even has lots of kids cartoons and live Tv Channels.


best kodi build no limits screenshot 3



Once installed, you will find more then enough add-on’s installed. Ranging from Covenant, Bob’s Unleashed, Elysium and many more. If movies ain’t your thing the make your way to the live tv section where you can find thousands of live tv channels. It even comes with a pre-installed TV guide, but this will require a little more setup. Learn how to install IPVueTv Guide here. The No limits Magic Build is an all around fantastic build that offers everything to everyone.


Learn how to Install No Limits Magic Build here. (The Easy Guide)


2. Fire Tv Guru

best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 1



Fire Tv Guru is almost one of the best builds for kodi in 2017. Its unbelievably easy to navigate the menus, and even easier to install. Its comes with a pile of awesome add-ons like Stream Army, Picasso, Project M, and many more. To many for me to list here. But you get the point. If your looking to have an awesome build and impress your friends, then this it. Entertainment out the ying yong. Now on to the next.

Here’s some screenshots of Fire Tv Guru


bestkodi build fire tv guru screenshot 3best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 4

best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 5


Learn how to install Fire Tv Guru Build here. (Easy Step Guide)


3. Titanium

best kodi build titanium screenshot 1



Titanium Build for Kodi Krypton is an all around good build which could almost be called one of the best kodi build for sports fans. I have had it installed on my own boxes for a long time and it performs great. It comes packed with all the best add-on’s that will ensure you dont miss anything.

best kodi build titanium screenshot 2



When it comes to Titanium you will get Movies, Live Tv, Paid Life Tv, Sport, Cartoon and much more. You’ll get add-on’s like the Covenant, Bob Unleashed, Bennu, Not sure, etc. You get the picture. This is another build that is great for slower devices and runs extremely light. This is a major plus for some of you that are streaming from Fire sticks, and other slower devices.


best kodi build titanium screenshot 3


Learn how to install Titanium here. (Easy Step Guide)


4. Pulse CCM

best kodi build Pulse screenshot 1



Pulse CCM is a really good build that has been around for along time. Well it seems like a long time. Anyways. You’ll find all the best add-on’s in here too. Pulse CCM always updates on a regular basis, so you never have to worry about broken add-on’s that just don’t work anymore. Once again all the best movies, live tv, and tv show add-ons are right at your fingertips.


ScreenShots for Pulse CCM


best kodi build Pulse screenshot 2 best kodi build Pulse screenshot 3best kodi build Pulse screenshot 4

Learn how to Install Pulse CCM here. (Easy Step Guide)


5. Cellar Door

best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 1



This has got to be one of my most favorites. Yeah yeah, I dont recommend it has normal #1 for an audience in general. But… I do love this addon and how easy it is to move around inside. If you like the Netflix layout, then you will really like Cellar Door Infusion. Its like Netflix on steroids, if that could really happen. You will find all the best add-on’s again like Covenant, Elysium, Bennu, and more. Live TV, yep there is lots of that in here, stream channels, or Tv shows. Here’s a few screenshots of how it looks.

ScreenShots CellarDoor TV


best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 2 best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 4best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 3

Learn How to Install CellarDoor Infusion here. (Easy Step Guide)


Well there you have it, the 5 top kodi builds for Decmeber 2017. Hope you all try some of these out and leave a comment if you have some good tips for installing builds. Anyways, that’s enough of me writing for tonight. Enjoy &  Merry Christmas.

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