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Whats the Best Android Tv box for 2018?

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best android tv box 2018

Best Android Tv Box 2018


Someone inspired me to write this today, as they had asked me “Whats the best android tv box to have” and I thought to myself. I don’t have a post about that, maybe I should. If your either bit familiar with this site you’ll notice on the Homepage we list the Top 5 Android Boxes of 2018. But whats the best one out of those five? Keep on reading and you will find out.

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How much to Spend?

In all honesty the android tv boxes on the homepage are all great products. But if I were to choose one out of those five, I would have to weigh in all the factors. Starting with Price, for me price is a big concern cause I don’t make a lot of money. So spending a 300 dollars on an Android Tv Box is out of the question. But there is a minimum. If you can stick around the 100 plus dollars amount, you’ll get a good quality android box. I would not go any less then that because you start getting into poor hardware specs.

android tv box hardware 2018

Hardware – What to Look for?

Hardware would be my second big thing. When choosing an Android Tv Box a few years back, if it had 1 Gig of ram you were good to go. But nowadays that is one of the main things to look for. In 2018 the android box you buy should have at least 3 Gigs of Ram. I own multiple android boxes with 2 gigs and sometimes I find they have slow issues. Which drives me insane at points. Also you want to make sure it has a good GPU. (Graphics Processor) Most days they all come with the Octo-core GPU processor, as its practically a standard. So out of the specs, when your trying to decide, for 2018 make sure it has 3 Gigs of Ram and an Octo-Core GPU. Also for GPU make sure it has this processor, (ARM Mali-T820MP3) its the main one most android boxes use in 2018.

Also pay close attention to the the processor power as well. Don’t get this confused with the GPU. Android Tv Boxes are similar to computers, they have a Processor and a GPU. When looking at the processor power for  I would try to keep the same idea in mind. Make sure it has an Octo-Core processor. For 2018 the best processor you should be looking for is the Amlogic S912 Octa-Core or the ARM Cortex-A53.



Android Nougat Operating System


Operating System – Whats the Best?

As for the last spec I use in choosing a good Android Tv Box is the operating system. I made this mistake a while back when I purchased an Android box that I thought was a great deal at the time. When I got it, it worked great, but unfortunately when I went to update Kodi, the Android Operating system was to old to accept the newest eddition of Kodi. So I ended up going with an older install of Kodi. If any of you know, it has its issues. The newest Android Operating system version that you should be looking for is Android 7.1.2 Nougat.


t95z plus best android tv box of 2018

T95Z Pliys – Best Android Tv Box 2018

Best Android Tv Box to have for 2018? 

So with all of that said, that is how I would judge buying an Android Tv Box for 2018. If you have these specs then your on the right track. So I bet your saying, you still haven’t answered the original post line question. The best android tv box for 2018 that I would have to choose is the T95Z Plus. It has all of the above specs and it comes in around 100 dollars. That’s in Canadian change too. 🙂 Also when I buy my android boxes, Amazon is a great place for that. Hence the reason I send so many people there. If you have problems, you can get your full refund without any issues. I’ve never had issues but ya never know.

With that said, check out the new 2018 T95Z Plus model Android Tv box here. Its a great android box and I own one too, and its always treated me well. Hope this helps my readers in Southern Ontario, and I hope you enjoyed my post.



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Roger September 9, 2018 at 11:30 am

Dude you are awsome super great info!

Jonathon September 11, 2018 at 10:26 pm

Thanks Roger, Much appreciated!

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