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Best Kodi Addon for 2018 – Top 5 Kodi Addons

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Best Kodi Addon –

Best Kodi Addon for 2018 – Top 5 Kodi Addons


Welcome back everyone! Its the beginning of a new year and your all probably wanting to know whats the best kodi addon to be using. You have a new Android box for Christmas and ya want to load only the best kodi addons, well there has been a lot of changes in 2017 in regards to Android boxes. The addition of Krypton 17.6 now and a pile of great builds that have been designed for it. Including builds like Cellar Door Infusion and a whole lot more. But here’s the main question everyone wants to know, what are the best kodi addons to be using within these great builds. So without further due lets jump into whats the best kodi addon for 2018.


1. Covenant

covenant best kodi addon


Im going to be honest this is one of my favorite addons out there. It originally came from the famous addon called Exodus, but when they got taken down they had to re-brand it into something else. That’s when we got the Covenant. This kodi addon is superior to most as it is updated more often then any of its other competitors. It also comes jammed packed and I mean jammed packed full of TV shows, Movies, or any Sports show you could think of.

When using the Covenant you’ll never run out of things to watch. Under the movies section, there is a listing called “In Theaters” This is my favorite cause you get all the new movies that are just being released into Theaters, which is the cats meow so to speak.You will get some crappy cam copies in the mix too, but they update so often that clear 1080p resolution movies appear very quickly.

When it comes to Tv Shows I am also a fan of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead like many of you. Every week you can count on new episodes to be there within 1 hour of it airing live, so not much to complain about their. I gotta hand it to the Covenant, its one of the best kodi addon of 2018 and I think it surpasses everything else. If you want to learn how to install the covenant, check out the link below with a full step by step easy guide with screenshots. Anyway, lets get on with the next.


Learn how to install the Covenant here. (Step By Step Easy Guide) 


2. Elysium


best kodi addon number 2 elysium


Elysium is the best kodi addon when you can’t find what your looking for on the Covenant. Well that’s how I see it anyways. Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome addon with tons of content. Believe me when I tell you, you will be watching for weeks & weeks without issues. I like Elysium as sometimes when you stick with one kodi addon like the Convenant or any other, you find that you have watched all the good copies in the movies section and their is no good copies of a certain movie you want to see.

Well that’s when I head over to this addon. It comes jammed packed with lots of the same content as the Covenant, but sometimes it has better copies. For example, one night me & my wife were trying to watch a movie that was just released in theaters, on the Covenant addon I couldn’t find a good copy for weeks. So I decided to check out Elysium. And BAM! Just like that I found a great DVD 1080 P stream, so it goes to show you that not every addon has it all.


But aside from minor downfalls you will find all the same great content in Elysium with excellent movie choices, Tv Shows, and Sports. They even have some decent Live Tv Channels as well. Elysium also does very well on updating there streams so you can can count on Tv Shows being updated within a couple hours of being aired live, and there movie choices being top notch as well. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this kodi addon in 2018. If your kodi build doesn’t come with it. Then check out how to install this great addon with our easy step by step guide below.


Learn how to install elysium addon here. (Easy Step By Step Guide)


3. Exodus

exodus kodi main logo


What can I say about Exodus, well ITS BACK again! When the other two above wont seal the deal when your looking for something good to watch, then Exodus comes into play. This addon comes packed as well with lots of great Movies, Tv Shows, Live Tv Channels and more. I myself don’t use this one a whole lot but it certainly does have some great content, hence the reason it made it to number 3 on our list of best kodi addon of 2018.

The Exodus Team seems to keep up with the Tv Shows, and Movies offering some great streams when no other addon can. The easy to use Nav screens and there Movies get updated on a regular basis. All In all, I can say this is a great addon to have in your arsenal of kodi addons. So if you build doesn’t already come with it, check out the link below on how to install it with our easy step guide. Now onto number 4.


Lean How To Install Exodus Addon with our Easy Step by Step Guide here


4. Bob Unleashed

Number 4 best kodi addon Bob Unleashed


Bob is Great, Right? Everyone loves Bob. Well I like Bob. He was good enough to be on our list at Number 4. Anyways, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail with Bob Unleashed, just because it seems like I’m repeating myself over and over with all these addons. Bob Unleashed in my opinion is great for TV shows. Sometimes when watching a certain TV episode its hard to find a great working stream. Or you have that other problem of everyone is watching the same stream and its slow as molasses. What happens next? You get buffering issues, popcorn gets thrown across the room and people get black eyes and broken Tv’s. Well maybe not in your house but it gets very annoying.

I really like Bob Unleashed for the fact that everyone on in the world is not all watching the same stream, so you can often find a great working stream clearer on Bob Unleashed then what you can on the Covenant or Elysium. Also, I have rarely had any issues with buffering problems and slow streams with this addon. I personally don’t think this is a great kodi addon for movies, although I have watched a few great flicks on here. But its not my goto choice. If your into catching up on your favorite Tv shows, then check out Bob Unleashed.

Learn how to install Bob Unleashed here with our Easy Step by Step Guide. 


5. Poseidon

Number 5 Best kodi addon Poseidon


Well, were almost at the end of our list of the best kodi addon of 2018. I will end this one off quickly and make it short and sweet. This is another great addon that will leave you with the best quality streams. I often find myself using this addon more and more. I can also see in 2018 that it will be a great choice for many of you as well.

These guys keep there stuff in good standing order and you can always find something to watch. Streams are always working great and you don’t often find any streams that are slow or buffering. The content is kept updated to the most up to date stuff you would hope to expect. Without going into to much detail, you will find great movies, Tv shows, and a few live channels as well. Check out how to install it below with our easy step guide.

Learn how to install Poseidon Addon here with our Easy Step By Step Guide. 


Made your mind up what is the best kodi addon to install?


Thats rounds up our best kodi addon of 2018. I truly hope you enjoyed this post and got some use out of the info. You wont go wrong with these addons and I use them on a day to day basis as well. Anyways, if you have questions or comments, hit up the comment section below.

Need the newest version of Kodi Krypton? Get it here.


BestBox Team

Best Kodi Addon for 2018 - Top 5 Best Kodi Addons
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Best Kodi Addon for 2018 - Top 5 Best Kodi Addons
Best kodi addon picks are here for 2018. Check out our most recent post on whats the best kodi addon to have in your arsenal. Easy Step Guide Installs.
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Todd April 30, 2018 at 1:14 pm

Must agree the Covenant is a great build. Still use it today.

Bill April 30, 2018 at 1:15 pm

I think exodus is much better addon then covenant.

cara mendaftar sbobet June 12, 2018 at 7:37 pm

It’s hard to come by educated people for this topic,
however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

iptv kodi June 29, 2018 at 7:45 pm

Hello, I enjoy reading through your article post.
I like to write a little comment to support you.

Nataly July 19, 2018 at 10:04 am

The Covenant is a great addon, really like this tutorial. Does the repo url still work for that addon?

Cindy July 19, 2018 at 10:05 am

I cant get the Bob unleashed add on to work. Can you help me?

Jonathon July 23, 2018 at 9:39 am

Hi Cindy,

I just checked the Repo URL and everything seems to work great. IF you could specify the exact problem I’d me more then willing to help you out as best I can.

Jonathon July 23, 2018 at 9:40 am

Yes, the repo still works for the Covenant. Great Kodi addon. You can also check out this post for other great addons. Cheers.

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