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The Best Kodi Builds for 2018 – Fully Working & Updated

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Best Kodi Build List for 2018

Top 10 Best Kodi Builds – 2018

So your all wondering whats the best Kodi build or builds for 2018. Well the list is short, but its jam packed with awesome content. If you don’t know what a kodi build is check out this post here for more info. But if you want the short and sweet, its a nice pretty interface that enables you to use kodi and install its add-ons in only a few easy step. So enough of the BS, lets get straight to it.

Now not all Kodi Builds are going to work great on your box. Because this is an ever changing world in the Android Box industry, new android tv boxes are coming out at a very fast rate. This is not all bad, but it does suck for when you want to keep up with upgrades. What this means is some builds out there will run great on almost every android box. When I say in the description (It runs Light), it means that the Kodi build can operate on a variety of boxes (old and new) without lag issues.

Some of these builds will run heavy. I ran the Cellar Door Infusion build on my box, (My Box is about 1 year old) and boy did it ever run slow. I spent more time saying you “f-ing piece of s***t” to the Tv then I ever did before. Haha. So keep that in mind when you install a build. One build might run great, while the other one may run like crap.

As for this post, we will keep this up to date so you can keep checking back to get the newest kodi builds. Be sure to bookmark us to stay on top of it all. If you do find problems with some of these builds, please use the comments section below and let us know.


The Best Kodi Build List To Have in 2018 – BestBox

LAST UPDATED ON – June 18, 2018

Table of Contents – Quick Jump (Use the Links below to Jump to a specific place in this Post)

  1. No Limits Magic
  2. Fire Tv Guru
  3. Titanium
  4. Pulse CCM
  5. Cellar Door
  6. Durex
  7. FreeWorld
  8. Quest Media
  9. Duggz
  10. Outkasts

1. No Limits Magic


best kodi build tron screenshot

No Limits Magic is a super clean build. The layout is super nice and runs very smooth even if your android box is a little slow. This is one of those addons like I said above that do run light. I have ran this build on a few of my boxes and it always runs great.

best kodi build no limits screenshot 2


No Limits Magic Build has all the best kodi add-on’s enabling easy access for everyone. The viewer will not find any lack in Tv Show, Movies, or Sports. It even has lots of kids cartoons and live Tv Channels. One of the many things I like about this is the great assortment of addons. Find a great Movie with this build will be much easier.


best kodi build no limits screenshot 3



Once installed, you will find more then enough add-on’s installed. Ranging from Covenant, Bob’s Unleashed, Elysium and many more. If movies ain’t your thing then make your way to the live tv section where you can find thousands of live tv channels. It even comes with a pre-installed TV guide, but this will require a little more setup. Learn how to install IPVueTv Guide here. The No limits Magic Build is one of the best kodi build that offers everything to everyone. But most of all… its a light runner so if your android tv box is a little older you’ll be O.K. Check out the link below to learn how to install the No Limits Magic Build.


Learn how to Install No Limits Magic Build here. (The Easy Guide)



2. Fire Tv Guru

best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 1



Fire Tv Guru is almost one of the best kodi build for FireSticks in 2018. Its unbelievably easy to navigate the menus, and even easier to install. Its already been used on thousands of devices so far this year, and its the main go to kodi build for people who use Fire Sticks. Its comes with a pile of awesome add-ons like Stream Army, Picasso, Project M, and many more. To many for me to list here. But you get the point. If your looking to have an awesome build and impress your friends, then this it. Entertainment out the ying yang. Now on to the next.

Here’s some screenshots of Fire Tv Guru


bestkodi build fire tv guru screenshot 3best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 4

best kodi build fire tv guru screenshot 5


As you can see with the screenshots above, that this is a great build that will not make you swear to much. Because this was meant for the famous Fire Stick and Fire Tv Devices then it is also a very light runner. Meaning it will not have to many slow/lag issues. That’s why its number 2 on our list today. Hopefully the Fire Guru team can keep with the pace and continue to deliver awesome builds. If you want to learn how to install this build, then check the tutorial out blow.


Learn how to install Fire Tv Guru Build here. (Easy Step Guide)



3. Titanium

best kodi build titanium screenshot 1



The Titanium Build for Kodi Krypton is another in the best kodi build list build which could almost be called one of the best kodi builds for sports fans. I have had it installed on a couple boxes for a long time and it performs great. It comes packed with all the best add-on’s that will ensure you don’t miss anything.

best kodi build titanium screenshot 2



When it comes to Titanium you will get Movies, Live Tv, Paid Life Tv, Sports, Cartoon and much more. You’ll get add-on’s like the Covenant, Bob Unleashed, Bennu, Not sure, etc. You get the picture. This is another build that is great for slower devices and runs extremely light. This is a major plus for some of you that are streaming from Fire sticks, and other slower devices.


best kodi build titanium screenshot 3

You can see by the screenshots that it looks pretty cool. Right? Well if your a nerd like me, then maybe. If you want to learn more about this build and how to install it on your device you can follow the link below.

Learn how to install Titanium here. (Easy Step Guide)



4. Pulse CCM

best kodi build Pulse screenshot 1



Pulse CCM is a really good build that has been around for along time. Well it seems like a long time. Anyways, You’ll find all the best add-on’s in here too. Pulse CCM always updates on a regular basis, so you never have to worry about broken add-on’s that just don’t work anymore. Once again all the best movies, live tv, and tv show add-ons are right at your fingertips.


ScreenShots for Pulse CCM


best kodi build Pulse screenshot 2 best kodi build Pulse screenshot 3best kodi build Pulse screenshot 4

Follow the link below to learn how to install this awesome freakin build. (I think this build maybe no longer available, but will post back here when I find out more.) If you know, please let us know in the comments section below.

Learn how to Install Pulse CCM here. (Easy Step Guide)


5. Cellar Door

best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 1



This has got to be one of my most favorites. Yeah yeah, I dont recommend it has #1 in the best kodi build list. But I do love this build and how easy it is to move around inside. If you like the Netflix layout, then you will really like Cellar Door Infusion. Its like Netflix on steroids, if that could really happen. You will find all the best add-on’s again like Covenant, Elysium, Bennu, Bob Unleashed Addon and more. Live TV, yep there is lots of that in here, stream channels, or Tv shows. Here’s a few screenshots of how it looks.

ScreenShots CellarDoor TV


best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 2 best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 4best kodi build Cellar Door screenshot 3

Learn How to Install CellarDoor Infusion here. (Easy Step Guide)

This use to be my favorite build to install and was what I considered the best kodi build of 2017. The way the menu’s are designed and laid out made it a fav. The one downfall I did not like about this build is that it does run a little heavy. So if you are using an older android box, (1 Year and Older) then I would not suggest you install this. If you do go ahead and install it on an older box, you will have some slow issues and the occasional crash. But on a new box, it runs like a dream. So take that like you would a grain of salt. Shall we continue?


6. Durex

Durex build Screen shot 1

What can I say about Durex? To be honest, I think it should be at the Top of the list as the best kodi build to have, and if you do come back here and find it at the top, then it is there for a reason. I have been installing and testing a bunch of different builds here lately and this one blew me out of the water. I was like “Shut the front door” this is good. As you can tell by looking at the screenshots below that its has a transparent menu which makes it all around much nicer then the others.

durex screenshot 2

One thing I did like, was like all builds, I tell the truth whether it runs light or heavy. This build runs super light, loads up real quick and I tested it on a (2 year old Android Box) and it ran like Forest Gump (Fast and Full of Chocolate) the sweet stuff.

durex build screenshot 3

So whats in this build, your gonna find that they update on very regular basis. So you are always getting the best addons with the best streams. As of today you will find great addons like, Placenta, Elysium, Elysium Lite, Bob Unleashed, Genisis Reborn,  which is a great addon by the way and many more. Best of all if you are running on an older android box then you have the option of installing the backgrounds or not. If running on an older box, I would suggest not running the backgrounds just so it runs a little lighter. But overall there wasn’t much difference with or without them. Anyways, thats all I have to say about that Jenny. Lets keep it moving. You can always learn how to install the durex build here.


7. FreeWorld

freeworld screenshot 1

The FreeWorld Kodi Build has gain popularity recently so I must write about it RIGHT? Wrong? Not at all, I only write about things that are truthful and help users, not just because there popular. But with that said, the FreeWorld Build is a good build, but its not what I would consider the best kodi build. It runs itself right from the Kodi Homepage which gives your simplicity at its finest.freeworld repo on install

Basically this build picks the best stream for you, so you won’t have to search through piles of crappy streams. Which makes its very efficient, however you are running from the Kodi Menus so that doesn’t exactly scream simple. If you do like it, I will do a tutorial on how to install it. But for now, its a audios amigo. Learn how to install the FreeWorld Build Here.


8. Quest Media

quest media build screenshot 1

At number 8 on our Best Kodi Build List is Quest Media. Would you install the Quest Media Build? I would, its a great build made from the developers of Titanium. Quest Media Build has piles of content and will not leave you wanting more. After installing this awesome build you will stay “Wait… we will not install any other builds John Snow… For winter is coming” Well you might not say that, but eh sounded good right? Maybe not, Haha.

quest media build screenshot 2

You will find great addons in this build like Neptune Rising, Gears Tv, Sports Devil, and a whole lot more. Take a look at the screenshots below to determine it for yourself. Because this is a very large build, I would not recommend it for Fire Sticks. Your gonna need space, but if you got a few gigs kicking around your box that your not in need of, then this will light up the North so to speak. Ohhh and this build may run a little heavy, so older android boxes beware. If you are looking for a light running kodi build then maybe check out some of the others up above. So check it out and don’t be afraid to ask questions below. Im working on a tutorial today for this, so stay tuned.

Learn how to install the Quest Media Build Here.


9. Duggz 

Duggz Build screenshot 1

Will Duggz impress me today? Well its a good build but it ain’t on the top of the best kodi build list, that is for sure. If you made it this far down the list, I would suggest reading a little further and go back to the top, where all the good builds are. But if you wanna, I will give you the dirt. So what have Duggz done lately? Well they have developed there build to adapt to larger screens. Spacing everything appropriately. So if you are running on a larger screen 65″ and above. Its a great build for that.

This build is kept up to date on a constant basis, this insures you get all the best addons every day of the week. You will find many good addons like Nemesis, Real Movies, Sports World, Golden Cinema, Covenant, and many more. I could fill this page with all the Kodi addons it has but I won’t.

duggz build screenshot 2

You can also get content on the go. What? Really? Yeah the developers of even thought of that. Hats off to them I say. All in all you will find many great sorts of entertainment with the Duggz build. So check it out for yourself. Its worth a try right?

Here’s a Guide to install the Duggz Build.

10. Outkasts

outkast build logo screenshot 1

I had installed this briefly but I did not spend a whole lot of time with it. This build is pretty large, so beware, make sure you have enough space on your android box for it. But with it being a bigger build, it does come jammed packed with awesome addons. Guess it’s true, Bigger is better, Naaa Im just joshin ya. But this is a good build.

outkasts build screenshot 1

You will find great addons in the Outkast build like Wolfpack, Neptune Rising, Covenant, Bob Unleashed, UK Turk Playlist, Poseidon addon and a whole bunch more. Because of its enormous size you will not be left without something to watch. So please, if you wanna give Number 10 a try… OutKast is the way to go. I will be doing a tutorial for this as well, so stay tuned.

Fracking WOW right, well there you have it, the Top 10 Best kodi build list for March 2018. Hope you all try some of these out and leave a comment if you have some good tips for installing them. Please don’t leave any negative comments cause I hate banning people… wink wink. Keep it Rated R and like Momma always said, Life is like a box of chocolates, read the chocolate map to find the caramel ones. BestBox is the chocolate map. Anyways, take it like a grain of salt, that’s enough of me tonight.



Jonathon – BestBox

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Your content helped me a lot. thank you very much

Jonathon May 14, 2018 at 12:20 am

Hi Sandy,
The old repository had went down for the Durex build. I have updated the post and put the repo. Heres the New Repo If you have trouble from here let me know and I’ll be sure to get back to you quickly. My apologies for the late reply has well, I had been away for a few weeks. But hope that helps you out. Cheers

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Steve July 19, 2018 at 10:07 am

Just installed the durex build. Best kodi build I ever used. Thanx for the tutorial.

Jonathon July 23, 2018 at 9:37 am

Yeah Steve I like the Durex Build too. Its pretty lightweight. Check out our top kodi builds to stay on top of things.

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