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Best Wizards for Kodi – February 2018 – BestBox

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Looking for the best kodi wizard for 2018. Well look no further. Kodi Wizards make installing Addons within Kodi much easier then before. One time we had to install all these kodi addons seperately, but now with the help of a kodi wizard we can install then effortlessly and install lots all at the same time.


So whats the Best Kodi Wizard to install?

I am going to be honest they are both pretty well the same. At one point Ares ruled them all. But in the last year Ares got taken down and were not left with to many more to choose from. So without further blabber from me, here they are.



update about kodi wizards disabled

Update!!!! UPDATE!!! Only One Wizard Remains February 2018

I can’t believe I had to type that. Yes we are down to only one and its the best kodi wizard to install luckily. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this still remains, and we are able to keep it. Big Corp’s wont let us have anything for free it seems. Wish I could swear here. 🙂


Heres the Only kodi wizard to choose from for now!


1. Durex Wizard

The Durex Wizard enables you to install the famous Durex Build. I have written about installing the Durex build here, and it also made my Top 5 builds to have here. Installing the Durex Wizard will be the best thing you ever done for your Kodi Box. If your Android Box could talk, It would save Thank you Oh Great One, I am forever in your debt. Good thing our Android Boxes cant talk, would be kind of creepy. Anyways, this wizard comes with an addon installer tool and a maintenance section so you are able to clear your cache easily when needed and perform the usual updates. So here is how to install it.


Step 1. Open File Manager and Click on Add Source

best kodi wizard step 1 best kodi wizard step 2

Step 2. Click on None and Enter this URL exactly has shown. Double Check it! Then Press OK.

best kodi wizard step 2


Step 3. Type the name of the source ie. Durex and press OK. Then go back to the Kodi Main Screen.

best kodi wizard step 3

Step 4. Select Addons, Open Box Icon on top, Then select Install from Zipfile.

best kodi wizard step 4-2best kodi wizard step 4

Step 5. Scroll down then click on Durex >

Then wait for the installation to complete.

best kodi wizard step 5best kodi wizard step 5-2

Step 6. Kodi Main menu, Select Addons Then select Program Addons.

best kodi wizard step 6best kodi wizard step 6-2

Step 7. Now Click on Builds, Then Durex Build for Kodi Krypton and then Tap on Fresh Install.

best kodi wizard step 7best kodi wizard step 7-2 best kodi wizard step 7-3



After you have completed the following steps, the best kodi wizard (Durex) should be install along with the Durex Build. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was very helpful. If you are looking for the latest Kodi version, be sure to check them out here. Try to stay up to date but don’t venture with the Beta versions. Not worth the risk in my eyes.

If you have any questions in regards to this post, feel free to hit us up in the comment section below or on Facebook here.

Also check out our original post on how to install the durex build if you have problems with this post.

Best Wizards for Kodi - February 2018 - BestBox
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Best Wizards for Kodi - February 2018 - BestBox
Get the best kodi wizard right here. Learn how to install kodi wizards in just a few simple steps and get all the best Kodi Addons for 2018.
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