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Android Tv Box

Whats the Best Android Tv box for 2018?

  Someone inspired me to write this today, as they had asked me “Whats the best android tv box to have” and I thought to myself. I don’t have a post about that, maybe I should. If your either bit familiar with this site you’ll notice on the Homepage we list the Top 5 Android […]

Whats the hype about the new T95Z?


  T95z Android Box Right for you?   T95z Android Box right for you? So your probably wondering whats all the hype about this Android tv box? Well over the years the producers of these boxes have made good name for themselves. The T95Z have always tried to be the pinnacle of the Android boxes […]

Should I buy a keyboard remote?

    You may think spending the few extra bucks might be a waste of money. I thought it was when I first bought my android tv box. But I can honestly tell you, within the first few days I could see why I may need it. When using an Android Tv box you sometime […]

Should I Buy a $50 Dollar Android Box?

cheap android box

  Hi This is usually the first thing that anyone buying an android boZx ask themselves. I’ve asked myself too. Is it worth the money? Why buy a box for $100 bucks when I can get one for $50? That is what were going to talk about here today.   In my complete honest opinion, […]

Whats the Best Android Tv Box in 2017?

H96 Pro Android Tv Box

  I bet your wondering what box I going to name as the best android tv box. Well, their is no perfect box out there. Each has its pros & cons. Some boxes will have stronger GPU’s and more Ram. Two of the main factors in deciding an android box. However, this is my thoughts […]