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How to Install Exodus Addon on Kodi 18 Leia

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Exodus Kodi Addon is Back –


Watch the Video for a Full Tutorial on How to Install Exodus On Kodi

Or Use the Screenshots Below.  

 Exodus Kodi is back in action after a short but long time away. This is the one Kodi Addon that you are going to love, if you don’t know Exodus Kodi, then it’s time you did. This was the go to addon for almost every Kodi Box on the planet. It beat other addons like Covenant and even Genesis Reborn, Hands Down.

They offer top quality Movies, Tv Shows, Live Channels, Sports, Kids Show, and everything you else you can think of. Im going to be honest, I was a sad man when I first seen that Exodus was no longer being updated. This was my goto source for almost everything, and nothing pleases me more then to see them back in action.

Exodus Kodi Rocks 2018


One thing you will notice about Exodus Kodi is that everything is updated all the the freakin time. You will not be disappointed with this addon, and as fast as TV shows are aired live, they are updated with awesome streams and no slow downs at all.

I watch a lot of TV show on my Android Box, and now that I know that Exodus is back, I’ll be tuning in with this Addon. Anyways, I bet your saying, SHUT up and show us how to install it and the location of the new repo. Right? Well lets get to it. Here are the steps to install the New Exodus Kodi Addon for you Android Box.



Step 1. From your Home Screen go to Settings. 


Step 2. Click on the File Manager Icon.


Step 3. Click on Add Source.


Step 4. Click on None. 


Step 5. Input the following address EXACTLY has show. Double Check it!  (UPDATED August 2018)


Step 6. You Should Name it LAZYKODI. (Updated AUG 2018)

Picture shows the wrong name due to the changes recently.


Step 7. Yours should look just like the screenshot below. Then click OK.

Picture shows different URL’s. Use the URLS mentioned above. Picture is different due to servers changing over the last year.


Step 8. Go back to the Home Screen and Click on Addons. 


Step 9. Click on the Addon Installer in the top left corner.


Step 10. Next Click on Install From Zip File.


Step 11. Click on Kodil.


Step 12. Click on


Step 13. A popup will appear saying Kdil Repository Enabled.


Step 14. Click on Install From Repository.


Step 15. Click Kdil Repository. (Updated May 2018)

Image does not match has its been updated. Click on the KDIL Repo.


Step 16. Next click on Video Addons.


Step 17. Click on Exodus.


Step 18. And Finally… Click on Install. 


Your DONE! Sweet heavily Joseph.. I know right 18 Steps… Uuuugggghhh… But hey it wasn’t that bad right? At least they were easy steps and you had me to lay it all out for ya. But eh, if you did have trouble, check out some of our top builds in this post. Builds are an easy way for you to install a lot of addons at one time, so you don’t have to install each one separately. If you want to know more about installing builds and out top kodi builds for 2018 then check them out here.

If you don’t have the latest Kodi build, Id suggest you check that out here. Having the newest kodi build ensures all your addons work properly and sometimes the new Kodi OS run a little lighter on older machines. Get the newest version of kodi here.


Exodus Kodi is Installed – Congratulations!

Hopefully Exodus Kodi is Installed and your on your way to watching some good flicks. Anyways, my fingers are numb from typing… need to flake out and watch my Android Box. Happy Watching and if you do have problems, check out the section below for FAQ. Ya never know it might help you out.


Exodus Still not Working/Streaming?

So you have got a major problem, Exodus is not working or streaming. When it comes to streaming problems with the new exodus addon and if yours is stream very slow or not at all. I would suggest checking your internet speeds with a tool called speedtest. If you speeds are above 3.5 MB on the download then you should be ok in the area. Next I would try to reinstall Exodus with the above steps to make sure an error didn’t happen on the download the first time.

Also if you are using the older Exodus addon that came through TVAddons, then it will not stream do to them shutting down TV Addons Server. What you need to do from here is install using the Kodi Bae Repo described in the steps above.

If you still have problems with in the installation of Exodus with the newer methods described here, let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you out as best we can.


How to use Exodus Kodi Addon – Krypton, Leia, Jarvis


After you have installed Exodus on your system, whether it be your Computer, Android Tv Box, or Firestick using Exodus Kodi is very easy to do.

First you want to go to the Homepage of Kodi then click on Addons. After that you click on Video addons, then you will see the Exodus addon listed there. Just click on it and your in.

Once in to the Exodus addon you can look around into all the menus. You’ll find menus like Movies, New Movies, TV Shows, Channels and more. So take some time to go through the menus and explore them, it’ll help you get to know the Exodus Kodi Addon and where to navigate to in the future.




Exodus Kodi Addon – FAQ

Below is a few questions answered for the Exodus Kodi addon. Most people usually run into the same problems, so we have listed a view of them here to help you out.


Why is Exodus so slow? 

When it comes to the Exodus addon and you having the problems with the stream, sometimes it can just be that one stream. For example you, try using another stream that. At times I have had to check 6 or 7 streams to find one that does not run slow or have buffering problems.

Another thing you can check as well is to clear the cache in Kodi. Clearing the cache helps your android box free up memory. If you are using an Android Tv Box that only has 1 Gig of Ram then most likely your cache is full, which can cause buffering errors. To learn how to clear the cache in Kodi, check out that post right there.

And in all fairness, last but not least. Sometimes your Internet Provider may slow your internet speeds if it seems a lot of data being used per day. I have been victim to this stuff too. I know it’s not right, but it happens. The only thing you can do from this point is to use something like VPN. What this does it hide your IP address so they don’t see who is streaming. It also protects you from hacker, DMCA notices and Illegal content notifications from our friends at the government.

If you want to check into a great VPN service, you can check this post out here.


Why Exodus will not Install?

Installing Kodi Addons can be fustrating at times, I know that for sure. But the most common cause of the Exodus Kodi Addon not install is if you are using the older method using TVAddons. This method will not work any longer and it will keep giving you problems. You should use the above listed way to install Exodus. It should install without any errors and have you streaming in no time.


Why did Exodus Kodi Addon disappear? 

As mentioned a few times in this post, the main reason that Exodus addon has disappeared is because they took down the old TVAddons Server last year. But fear not my fellow readers, it is still available with the kodi Bae Repo, and it’s still working has of today. So head back up to the top and try the installation again. Be sure to use the correct repository address or you’ll keep getting errors.


Is a VPN mandatory to use on Exodus Kodi?

No you don’t have to use a VPN with Exodus. However it does help hide you from streaming with third party addons. What VPN does is hide your IP address to everyone on the Internet. This enables you to be anonymous Your ISP will not be able to track what you are doing online. What does this mean for you? Well you wont suffer from speed throttles by your ISP and you certainly wont get any of those DCMA notices for streaming pirated content. Its kind of a cushion between you the government and the third party addons. Its a great line of protections that can certainly be of use.


How to Get Subtitles for Exodus Addon?

While some people love Subtitles, other people hate them. Its all on user preference. But if you like have subtitles to help you understand whats going on in the movie better, I completely understand that. To get subtitles on Kodi, its fairly easy. You can use a kodi Addon called OpenSubtitles from the Official Kodi Repository. If you hare unsure on what to do, you can check the post below on how to install it.

How to get subtitles on kodi


Whats the Best Exodus Alternative?

So your not a lover of the Exodus Kodi addon? Well no worries, there are a ton of other great Kodi addons that are out there. All of them great in there own way. Below is a list of the the best kodi addons to use or replace Exodus addon with.

How to Install Elysium Adoon

How to Install Poseidon Addon

How to Install Neptune Rising Addon

How to Install Bob Unleashed


Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.


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