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How to Install Fuel Build On Kodi

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Main image for Fuel Build


Well its Monday morning and were back to work. You know that feeling. But eh, Im feeling pretty good, so hopefully this is the beginning of a great week. Today were going to be doing a tutorial on the Fuel Build. I had a brief moment to use the build and from what I have seen it seems to be pretty good. Worth writing a blog post about it. ūüėõ

Fuel is a brand new, right out of the box build from the Illuminati Repository. It uses the Aeon Nox Fuel Skin that looks pretty good if you ask me. The size of this build sits around 265 Mb. But that might change has developers start doing more with it. Kind of like the Durex build, started out at over 400MB and now there down to 135mb. Which is pretty nice when your doing updates. So lets hope these guys can do the same as well.

Second display image for fuel build

What to Expect with the Fuel Build?


Well you can learn to expect mostly the same things you get with all other builds. Tons of great content! Ok, Ok, That was pretty lame, but cut me some slack it is Monday morning. But you will get a lot of great addons like¬†Supremacy Sports,¬†Final Gear,¬†Star tec,¬†Placenta,¬†Monster Munch, and a whole pile more. That’s just to name a few.

So lets get on with the Tutorial, has my writing brain is not working so well and Im in need of some caffeine, Pronto. & BestBox has No affiliation with Kodi, and its Addons, Repos, or Builds. BestBox and does not support or condone any copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.


Steps to Install Fuel Build On Kodi with ScreenShots


Step 1. From the Home Screen go to Settings.

How to install fuel build step 1



Step 2. Click on File Manager. 

click on file manager step 2



Step 3. Then Click on Add Source.

add source step 3



Step 4. Click on None.

click on none step 4



Step 5. Enter this Address Exactly has Shown. Please Double Check it.

How to install fuel build step 5



Step 6. Name it Illuminati, then click OK.

name the file name step 6



Step 7. Yours should look like the picture below.

How to install fuel build step 7



Step 8. Go back to the Home Screen and then Click on Addons.

Home screen then click addons step 8



Step 9. Click on the Package Installer in the Top Left Corner.

fuel build package installer



Step 10. Click on the Install from Zip File Option.

install from zipfile step 10



Step 11. A dialogue box will open. Click on Illuminati.

How to install fuel build step 11



Step 12. Click on

How to install fuel build step 12



Step 13. A popup in the top right will say Illuminati Repository Installed.

Illuminati Repository Installed



Step 14. Click on Install from Repository. 

fuel build install from repo



Step 15. Click on Illuminati Repository.

Click Illuminati Repository



Step 16. Click on Program Addons Next.

How to install fuel build step 16



Step 17. Click on Illuminati Wizard next.

How to install fuel build step 17



Step 18. Then Click on Install.

click on install for fuel build



Step 19. The top right will say Illuminati Wizard Installed. 

repository install for fuel build



Step 20. Click on Continue.

Click on continue.



Step 21. Then click on the Build Menu.

click on fuel build menu



Step 22. Click on Fuel.




Step 23. Click on Fresh Install or Standard Install. I prefer Fresh.

fresh install of fuel build



Step 24. Click on Continue. 

How to install fuel build step 24



Step 25. Please wait for it to Download and Install.

downloading the fuel build then installing it



Step 26. Then Click on Force Close.

How to install fuel build step 26



Step 27. Restart your Kodi and everything should be working. 

Be sure to give it some time to update the menus and addons.

final step restart the fuel build



All done Install the Fuel build?


Your probably thinking that was easy right. Yeah it’s not so bad. Once you do it a few times you can almost do this stuff blindfolded. If you do experience problems with the install please let us know in the comment section below. Also if the REPO URL is down, let us know as soon as you notice it. We try to stay on top of things, but its tough with so many builds coming out every week.


If you don’t like this build, check out some of the best kodi builds of 2018 here. Builds not your thing? No problem. You can always install new kodi addons here. There the best up to date addons available. Got some suggestions? Drop us a line anytime, we’d love to hear from you.

K, thats enough yammering from me. I’m hitting the break room for so coffee. Cheers and yak at ya later.


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger




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