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How to Install X4 Kodi Build – BestBox Tutorial

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Main image of X4 Kodi Build


The X4 Kodi Build is another great build and it can be installed via the Supreme Wizard. With this build you are going to find all the great sections like Movies, Tv Shows, Kids Shows, Sports, Live Tv Channels and a whole lot more

The X4 build comes pre-installed with tons of Kodi Addons. So there should be no need of having to install additional addons. However not every Kodi build comes with everything, so the X4 Kodi Build may still need some tweaking.

Secondary Image of X4 Kodi Build

You will find great addons like the Covenant, Genesis Reborn, Neptune Rising, Placenta, Numbers and more. I could name drop enough to fill this page with Kodi addons that you will find within the X4 Kodi Build.

For sports fans it comes loaded with Sports Matrix, Versus, Planet MMA and Supremacy. So if you enjoy sports then you will certainly like this build.

I find the X4 Kodi build runs fairly light as well. Although I wouldn’t recommend it on an older Android Tv Box, but I think you will still get away with it and not have to many issues. General rule of thumb with this build is to have at least 2 Gigs of Ram in your Android Box. That should take care of slower times. The 3 Gig machine that I tried it on, worked great.

That seems to be enough to give you a quick run down on what to expect. Lets get into the tutorial. & BestBox has No affiliation with Kodi, and its Addons, Repos, or Builds. BestBox and does not support or condone any copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.


Steps to Install X4 Kodi Build


Step 1. From the Home Screen go to Settings.

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 1



Step 2. Click on the File Manager.

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 2



Step 3. Click on Add Source. 

x4 kodi build setup



Step 4. Click on None. 

clicking on none



Step 5. Enter this Address Exactly has Shown. Double Check it.

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 5



Step 6. Name is Supreme. 

naming zipfile supreme for x4 kodi build



Step 7. Yours should look like the Picture below.

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 7



Step 8. From the Hompage, Go to Addons next. 

x4 kodi build addons selection



Step 9. Click on the Package Installer in the top left corner.

package installer option



Step 10. Click on Install From Zip File.

install from zip file x4 kodi



Step 11. Then Click on Supreme. 

supreme wizard for x4 kodi build



Step 12. Then click on

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 12



Step 13. Wait for a popup to appear saying Supreme Builds Repository Installed.

x4 kodi build step 13



Step 14. Now you can click on Install from Repository.

install from repository x4



Step 15. Click on Supreme Build Repository. 

supreme build repository for x4 kodi build



Step 16. Click on Program Addons.

program addons



Step 17. Then Click on Supreme Build Wizard.

supreme build wizard selection



Step 18. Then Click Install. 

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 18



Step 19. Wait for a popup to say “Supreme Builds WizardInstalled”

supreme wizard installed



Step 20. An info Message will Pop up. Click on Dismiss. 

dismissing the information popup



Step 21. Then Click Continue.

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 21



Step 22. Click on the Build Menu. 

build menu for x4 kodi build



Step 23. Click on X4 and the Server.

X4 and the server



Step 24. Click Standard or Fresh Install. I prefer standard. (less problems)

How to install X4 Kodi Build Step 24



Step 25. Then click Continue.

clicking continue to install x4 build



Step 26. Wait for it to Download and Install.

Downloading and installing x4 kodi build



Step 27. Click on Force Close.

force closing kodi



Step 28. After it restarts. Give the build time to update its addons and menus.

X4 Kodi Build Install Success



Installation Success of the X4 Kodi Build

Another successful Kodi Tutorial completed. We hope you enjoyed this and you installed yours just as easy. If you do have problems or you find something wrong with this post Ie. Repo URL not working. Let us know, we appreciate the feedback from our viewers and we certainly like keeping this up to date.

Dont like this build? Try out one of our other kodi builds here. I would highly suggest the Durex Build. Its on of my favorites and always ran top notch. No matter what the Android Box has for specs.

If you are in need of a great android box, I would have to suggest to you the T95Z or the H96 2018 models. They seem to be the top of line to have for this year.

Thats it for me and this work day. I’m out of the office and hitting the beach.


Take Care

Jonathon – BestBox Blogger




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