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How to Install Griffs Docs Kodi Addon in Kyrpton 17.6

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I certainly like Griffs Docs Kodi Addon. Its been a long timer for me, and I was thinking today of doing a tutorial on how to install this mind bending kodi addon. Who would really like this addon? Yes I can read your mind. Haha. Well, many people would come to love this, if your History Buff, or just someone who likes learning about our past on a regular basis. Ummm, guess that would be a History Buff now wouldn’t it. Long story short your going to get sections with British History Documentaries, Crime Documentaries, Cold War, Religion, Medical, World History. I could keep going but I’ll leave it at that.

But SIR, BUT SIR!!!! I don’t wanna learn anything. Yes that was me back in High School. Being the rebel I was, I wasn’t s big fan of history. But eh! I downloaded this Kodi Addon for the hell of it, just to see how it would perform, and ever since, I have been liking it.

I’m trying to think of more things to say about this, but for heavens sake I can’t. Haha. Watch the Tutorial and install, then go from there. Lol! Enjoy


Step 1. From your Home Screen go to Settings. The Gear Icon.

Griffs Docs Step 1


Step 2. Click on the File Manager Icon.

Step 2 click on file manager


Step 3. Click on Add Source.

Step 3 Add Source


Step 4. Click on None & Then Enter This URL. Exactly has Shown.

Step 5 Type Address URL for GRIFFS DOCS REPO


Step 5. You Should name it Blamo or whatever your like. Just remember it. Then Press OK.

Step 5 Name it Blamo Griffs DOCS


Step 6. Go back to the Addons Menu in the Main Menu.

Step 6 Go back to addons menu


Step 7. Click on the Package Symbol in the Left Top Corner.

Step 7. Click on the Package Symbol in the Left Top Corner


Step 8.  Click on Install From Zip File.

Step 8 Click on install from zip file


Step 9. Click on the Blamo Zip File.

Step 9 click on the blamo zip file


Step 10. Then click on

Step 10 Then click on the repository zip file


Step 11. Now click on Install from Repository.

Step 11 Install from Repository


Step 12. Click on Griffin Repository. 

Step 12 Click on Grffin Repository


Step 13. Now click on Video Addons.

Step 13 Click on Video Addons


Step 14. Click on Griff Docs.

Step 14 Click on Griffs Docs


Step 15. Click on Install & Your DONE!

Step 15 Click on Install



Congratulations! You have Installed the Griffin Docs Kodi Addon

Congrats, you just completed the install of Griffin Docs Kodi Addon. Hopefully everything went has planned you got it installed without problems. But if you do have problems, don’t stay silent. Let us know in the comment section below, so we can keep this updated for all of our users.

That’s enough Chit Chat for me, I’m gonna hunker down and chill out for the rest of the night. Writing blog post gets tiresome if your a downright lazy ass like me. Anyways till the next one!




Jonathon – BestBox Tutorial Guides


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