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How to Install Iptv Kodi – BestBox

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IPTV Kodi Installation Guide

How to Install IPTV Kodi on your Android Box?


IPTV kodi, What is it? IPTV is a a paid subscription that allows you to use your Android box like a normal cable television box. For example, you once you paid for your monthly service you can then get thousands of channels, and I really mean thousands of crystal clear HD quality channels for a mere fraction of what you would pay a cable company.


But I can already watch Tv channels on my kodi box!

Well yes you can certainly watch tv channels with addons like CCloud and Covenant, Exodus, Elysium and so many more. But you will always run into the same problems. The streams either don’t work or they run so slow that you can’t seem to enjoy your show. How many of your out there, been watching AMC on CCloud live streams when it just crashes completely. Yeah, Ive been there many times and that’s how remotes get broken and Tv screens get smashed. You won’t run into that scenario with IPTV. Every stream runs very smooth, and there is hardly any downtime. Most of the streams are in HD as well, so your not having to watch some pixelated image that just drives ya bonkers.


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What will I get with IPTV Subscription?


Sometimes that differs with whom you go to get your monthly subscription. But I personally use IPGUYS. They run extremely fast servers so your streams load fast just like normal tv, and you rarely ever have downtime. They offer really good channels like AMC, NBC, ABC, CBS, WSBK, PeachTree, Discovery and many more all in HD. You will get many HD movie channels including HBO, Superchannels, and even a ton of Pay Per View (PPV) Channels on top of that. For the amount of money you pay these guys, you certainly get your dollars worth. When you compare it to what you would pay some big cable company is mere pennies on the dollar. But anyway, I think I have got my point across. If want more from your android box and would like to have some normal TV like you were use to. Then this the best way to go about it. IPTV Kodi is a must have for any Android box. Lets face it, you have all thats on Demand, plus HD Live Tv Channels. So keep reading to learn how to install Iptv for kodi.


So watch this video and learn how to install Iptv Kodi on your Android Tv Box.


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How to Install Iptv Kodi - BestBox
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How to Install Iptv Kodi - BestBox
Iptv on Kodi is one of the best ways to enjoy live television channels for for a very low. Learn how to Install IPTV Kodi on your Android Box.
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