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How to Install Numbers Addon on Kodi with ScreenShots

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So your looking to install the Numbers Addon. This is one of those Kodi Addons that have certainly went mainstream in the last year or so. I have used this particular Addon a fair amount. Why you might ask? I find the Numbers Addon for Kodi always seems to have nice streams that are fast and clear. One thing to keep in mind though, you can’t expect to have nice crisp clear images with new movies that just released. That my friends, will make certainly make you friends with a cam copy.

Secondary Image for Main Numbers Addon

But for watching TV shows, like Game Of Thrones, WestWorld, The Walking Dead, then your in for a treat. The Numbers Addon is growing in that sector without a doubt.

As per the norm addons like Genesis Reborn, Exodus, and so on, you will get selection screens for the Movies, TV Shows, Cartoon, Movies in Theaters, Top Rated Movies, Sports Events and more. You get the drift.

So without further a due, lets get to the installation tutorial. & BestBox has No affiliation with Kodi, and its Addons, Repos, or Builds. BestBox and does not support or condone any copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.


Steps to Install Numbers Addon on Kodi


Step 1. From the Home Screen go to Settings. 

How to install numbers Addon Step 1



Step 2. Click on the File Manager.

How to install numbers Addon Step 2



Step 3. Click on Add Source.

clicking on add source step 3



Step 4. Click on None.

click on none for step 4



Step 5. Enter this Address Exactly has Shown. Double Check it.

How to install numbers Addon Step 5



Step 6. Name it CellarDoor. 

name the file cellar door



Step 7. Yours should look the  picture below. 

How to install numbers Addon Step 7



Step 8. Go back to the Home Screen and Click on Addons.

How to install numbers Addon Step 8



Step 9. Click on the Package Installer in the top left corner.

How to install numbers Addon Step 9



Step 10. Then Click Install from Zip File.

installing from zip file option



Step 11. A dialogue box will open. Click on CellarDoor Tv. 

click on cellar door tv box step 11



Step 12. Then Click on the

How to install numbers Addon Step 12



Step 13. Wait for the Notification to appear saying CellarDoor TV Repository Installed.

How to install numbers Addon Step 13



Step 14. Click Install from Repository.

How to install numbers Addon Step 14



Step 15. Then click on CellarDoor TV Repository.

cellardoor tv repository for numbers addon



Step 16. Click on Video Addons next.

How to install numbers Addon Step 16



Step 17. Then Click on Numbers.

click on numbers addon for install



Step 18. Click on the Install option.

click on install option for numbers addon for kodi



Installation Complete of the Numbers Addon


Now that you have the numbers addon installed, your off to the races. Enjoy all the great streams that this awesome Kodi Addon comes with. This addon has become so popular the a lot of Kodi Builds incorporate it into the build itself. So you don’t have to do the manual installation. To learn more about Kodi builds you can check them out here.

Want more great addons? Check out this post here to get some of the best kodi addons for 2018. You can also keep up to date with the newest version of Kodi here.

Having problems with the installation of this Kodi Addon. Please let us know in the comment section below. Thats it for me, hope you enjoyed this tutorial and Happy Streaming.


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger


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