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How to Install Outlaw Addon on Kodi – Easy Step Guide

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outlaw addon main inmage


Today we are going to talk about the Outlaw Kodi Addon and how to install it. The Outlaw Addon for Kodi is fairly new so you will have to take that into consideration when really digging into it. Its from the Ukodi1 Repository. When it comes to this repository you will get menu selections like Best Crime Movies, War, Gangster, Western Movies, Crime Tv Show, and a bunch that I’m not going to list today. Long story short, if you like any of those categories then you will like this cool Kodi addon.

When it comes to the speed of the Kodi Addon, I was impressed with how fast everything loaded up. To add, I never experienced any crashes neither. Which I’m very Thankful, nothing makes me madder when I wait to load something then it just crashes right out. What does that mean? Would be a bad review that’s for sure. But today with the Outlaw Addon were safe. It never crashed once.

secondary image for outlaw addon

As per the stream quality, I would say they passed with a B+. Yeah Im grading Kodi addons like we were in school. K not really, but I have to say the stream quality was pretty good, with only a few streams here and there that did not work. In all honesty, I think that problem is not just from the Outlaw Addon. I have seen many in the last year or so drop the quality of there streams dramatically. Even Kodi addons like Genesis Reborn and Exodus are letting the quality slip out the window. But eh, thats another story for another blog post.

To get back on topic, if your an Outlaw then you might just like the Outlaw Addon, and if your a Geek like me that wishes he was an outlaw at times, you just might like it too. Nonetheless, here’s how to install the outlaw kodi addon in only a few easy steps.


Steps to Install the Outlaw Kodi Addon – Easy Step Guide


Step 1. From the Home Screen Go to the Settings Option.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 1



Step 2. Then Click on the File Manager Icon.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 2



Step 3. Click on Add Source. 

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 3



Step 4. Then Click on None.

step 4 click on none



Step 5. Enter this address Exactly has shown. Please double check this part. If you make a mistake here you will not be able to go any further. If you think the URL repo might be down, please let us know in the comments section below.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 5



Step 6. Name is Ukodi1 or something that you might remember. You will have to come back to this File name later. I put a period like this .ukodi1 and that will enable the filename to appear at the top of the list when you look for it. 

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 6



Step 7. Your should look like the picture below. Double check everything before going further.

step 7 double checking all the inputed info



Step 8. Now you can go back to the Home Screen and click on Addons.

step 8 clicking on addons



Step 9. Next click on the Package Installer in the top left corner. It will look like an open box.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 9



Step 10. Then Click on Install from Zip File. 

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 10



Step 11. A dialogue box will open, click on ukodi1 or whatever you had named it.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 11



Step 12. Click on this filename. “”

click on the repo filename



Step 13. Wait for a notification to appear saying “Ukodi1 Repository Installed”

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 13



Step 14. Then Click on Install From Repository.

install from repository outlaw addon



Step 15. Click on the Ukodi1 Repository.

Ukodi1 Repository



Step 16. Then Click on Video Addons.

How to Install Outlaw Kodi Addon Step 16



Step 17. Click on Outlaw.

outlaw kodi addon



Step 18. Finally you can click on Install.

Click on install to complete installation of outlaw kodi addon



Installation Complete of the Outlaw Kodi Addon


So with any luck you should now have the Outlaw Kodi Addon installed. Feel free to take a look around see what you can find. If you did have problems with this Install, let us know in the comment section below. The main issue that happens is the Repository URL goes down. If this happens, we’ll try to find a replacement has soon as possible.

Not much for this Kodi Addon? Check out our list of the best kodi addons to have this year. If your any bit like me, I like to install a Kodi Build has most of these addons are already installed. You can keep up to date with the latest kodi builds here.

Thats enough from the fella for today. We hope this tutorial helps someone out there and Happy Streaming!


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger



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