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How to Install Quest Media Build on Kodi Krypton 17.6

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Quest Media build featured image

What can I even say about the infamous Quest Media Build? Other then its another great build to have in your Kodi Install Handbook. Haha. Like most builds these days, the simplicity of adding a build makes everything easier. If your new to Android Boxes you probably wouldn’t remember when we had to install each addon by itself. Sweet almighty!

The Quest Media Build came from the makers of Titanium and comes fully loaded with lots of content. You will find a lot of great addons like Neptune Rising, Gears Tv, Sports Devil Addon, and a whole pile more. I could keep going, but why would I bore you to death with name dropping addons, Right? So to be honest I wont talk to much about this addon, Its a pretty decent addon, not my fav but its good. If ya wanna check it out, I have put together a little install guide on how to install quest media build below. If there is enough request, I may put together  a youtube video but at this point, its a no go. Anyways, enough with the chit chat, lets get to it.


You should always start with a fresh install of Kodi. Get the latest version of Kodi here. 


1. From the Home Screen Go to the Settings Button.

step 1 home screen settings


2. Next Click on the File Manager.

step 2 file manager icon


3. Click on the Add Source.

Quest Media Build Screenshot 3


4. Click on None in the dialogue box.

click on none step 4


5. Enter the URL exactly has shown. Double Check it or it won’t work.

enter the url of the repo


6. Name it Supreme. Put a period in front of it like this. ( .Supreme)

The period will put it at the top of your list when you go to look for it.

name the file repo step 6


7. Make sure its all correct then click on OK.

step 7 click on ok


8. Go back to your main Home Screen and then Click on Addons.

step 8 click on addons


9. Next click on the Package Installer in the top left of the screen.

step 9 click on package installer


10. Click on Install From Zip File.

step 10 install from zip file kodi


11. Click on Supreme. It should be near the top of your list.

step 11 click on the repo supreme


12. Click on the rep ” “

step 12 click on supreme build repository


13. A Pop Up will appear saying the Supreme Repository Enabled.

step 13 supremem repo enabled


14. Click on Install From Repository. 

step 14 click on install from repository


15. Click on Supreme Builds Repository.

step 15 click on supreme builds repository


16. Then click on Program Addons.

step 16 click on program addons


17. Click on Supreme Builds Wizard. 

step 18 click supreme builds wizard


18. Then Click on Install.

Step 18 click on install


19. A popup will appear saying Supreme Builds Wizard Enabled.

step 19 supreme builds wizard enabled


20. Go back to your main Home Screen and click on Addons.

step 20 click on addons main menu


21. Click on Program Addons. 

step 21 click on program addons


22. Click on the Supreme Builds Wizard. 

step 22 click on supreme builds wizard


23. Next click on Supreme Builds.

step 23 click on supreme builds


24. Then click on Quest Media.

step 24 click on quest media


25. Now click on Supreme Builds Standard Install. 

step 25 click on supreme builds standard install


26. Click Yes and Install.

step 26 click on install


27. Give it time has it downloads and installs.

step 27 download and install


28. Next click on Force Close. 

step 28 force close


29. Congrats! Your Done! Yours should look like the screenshot below.

bottom page quest media screenshot complete


Congrats! Your Done!

Well I hope that worked out for you guys. Its April of 2018 and this is still working as of today. If time does pass and you see that the repo no longer works. Post a comment below and I will try to find another source. Like I said prior, the quest media build is a pretty good kodi build and had a good selection of Kodi Addons. I’m sure you’ll find something to watch in there.

Anyways, that’s enough writing for me today. Its Friday and I’m out of here & Thanks for Reading!


Check out some of the other great builds for 2018 here. 




Jonathon – BestBox Blogger



How to Install Quest Media Build on Kodi Krypton 17.6
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How to Install Quest Media Build on Kodi Krypton 17.6
This is a full tutorial easy step guide on how to install the Quest Media Build on Kodi.
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