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How to Install the TvOne Addon on Kodi

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Today we are going to install the TvOne Addon for Kodi. This Addon can be installed through the Diamond Wizard Repository. It has all the typical sections for Tv Shows, Movies, Sports, etc. Its certainly not one of the best TvAddons out there. I personally would suggest going the paid route like IPTV Subscriptions here. But I get it, some people just don’t want to pay for anything and would prefer the Free route. I to was there for years, until I started paying and well, I’ll never go back to the Free route anymore.

As per the streams in this Addon, they are ok. Typically the same as what you would get in most other Kodi addons like Exodus or Genesis Reborn. However, there database is not as big as you would want. So that being said, you wont get all the streams you would normally get on Bobs Unleashed or any other Kodi Addon for that matter. But eh, there just starting out, so we can’t knock them yet. I remember a time when Exodus or Placenta was new.


Secondary Overview pic for tvOne addon


The Install for this Kodi Addon is pretty easy, your typical 19 steps. For most of you that follow this blog on a regular basis, you can skip down through all the begging steps get straight to the repo url. Folks, I don’t know how long this repo is going to stay up. It seems has repositories are being taken down daily. It might be OK today but could be gone tomorrow. So bare that in mind when reading, also check the comments section below to assure that nobody hasn’t already ran into the problem.

So without further blabber, lets get on with the installation of the TvOne Addon for Kodi. & BestBox has No affiliation with Kodi, and its Addons, Repos, or Builds. BestBox and does not support or condone any copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.


Steps to Install the TvOne Addon on Kodi – Pics Included


Step 1. From the Home Screen of Kodi, Go to the Settings Icon. Looks like a little Gear.

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 1



Step 2. Then you can go click on the File Manger. Its a folder Icon.

click on the folder icon file manager for kodi



Step 3. Then click on Add Source. 

add source option for step 3 of tvone addon



Step 4. Next click on None. We are going to add a Source Repository. 

How to install Tv ONe addon kodi step 4



Step 5. Enter the Repo Source URL. Type it Exactly has shown or it will not work and give you an Error. So please Double check it before entering.

Enter the repo source url for Diamond wizard repository



Step 6. Name is Diamond. You can name it anything you like. Just something you will remember as we are going to be coming back to it later. ‘Quick Tip’ I put a period like this .Diamond when naming it to make it appear at the top of the list when trying to locate it. 

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 6



Step 7. Yours should look like the picture below. Double check the URL.

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 7



Step 8. Next, you can go back to the Home Screen and Click on Addons in the  Left Side.

click on addons from home screen in Kodi



Step 9. Click on the Package Installer in the Top Left Corner. It looks like an open box.

clicking on the package installer in kodi for tvone addon



Step 10. Then Click on Install from Zip File. Should be the 4th one down.

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 10



Step 11. A Dialogue box will open. Click on Diamond, or what you name it in Step 6.

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 11



Step 12. Next Click on Install_Diamond_Repo.

install diamond repo for TvOne Addon in Kodi



Step 13. Then Click on The numbers may change from time to time based on the update. As of now its update 3.3.8. 

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 13



Step 14. Wait for a notification to say Diamond Wizard Repository Installed.

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 14



Step 15. Then Click on Install from Repository.

clicking on install from repository for TVone kodi addon



Step 16. Click on the Diamond Wizard Repository. 

How to Install TvOne Addon on Kodi Step 16



Step 17. Next you can click on the Video Addons Option.

click on video addons option for TVone addon in kodi



Step 18. Final Step, Click on TVone and your Done!

TvOne Addon Installed Successful



TvOne Addon for Kodi Installed Successful


There ya have it, the TvOne Addon for Kodi is Installed. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did have any problems, please let us know in the comment section below. Like I said previously, the Repository URL for this Addon could be here today and gone tomorrow. If you do notice that its not working, let us know and we will try to find a replacement for you.

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And if Kodi Builds are just not your style, then please by all means, check out the list of best kodi addons to have for 2018. You will not be let down by this awesome list of top notch addons and tutorials.

Anyway, thats enough for me today, Facebook is calling, time to answer some questions. 🙂


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger





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