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IPTV Brampton – Best Subscriptions 2020

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So your thinking about IPTV but your still on the fence? Yeah we have all been there at one point or another. Wanting to kick Bell or Rogers to the curb and never look back. I personally have had enough of paying out the rear end for with never nothing good to watch. It’s heartbreaking to see so many fellow Canadians in the the same boat.

However you probably heard from a friend or a family member about IPTV. I remember back a few years ago when I read about it online. I was very intrigued to say the least, thinking I could get all these channels and movies, etc for a fraction of the price. Well let me be the second to tell you its all true.


You don’t need to be paying out all that money especially in trialing times like we have right now. I understand a lot of us are in some hard times when it comes to our finances. Well the good news is I can help you save a pile of money and you get a great service. Lets just say you will never go back to Bell or Rogers.



IPTV Brampton, Missisauga, and Canada


Yes you read that right. You can get IPTV anywhere in the country including IPTV Brampton. IPTV is a LIVE TV subscription service that is streamed over the internet. So you don’t need anyone to come to your home, and you don’t need any special hookups. All you require is a TV, Android or MAG box, Phone, Tablet or a computer. They work on almost any device on the planet.

What you get is a thousands of channels that you would normally get with your old provider plus you get a great VOD service where you can watch movies, tv shows, etc. You know what the best thing about this whole IPTV brampton thing is? Its the price. You can get IPTV for under 20 dollars a month. Yes you read that right. Its the best thing since sliced bread.


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What IPTV service to go with?


Normally I would say this a hard questions. Luckily for you I have been researching in this area for the last few years. I have tried almost every IPTV service out there and I won’t lie some of the are horrible. When going with these bad companies you’ll notice things like buffering constantly along with poor tech support. Some of these IPTV companies wont even offer you help to setup. They send you a small email and think that most people are tech savvy and can go from there.

So I’m going to share with you the best service I have seen so far in my Five years of searching, testing and reviewing services in Brampton and Canada.


TOP IPTV Service Brampton & Canada


iptv canada company is the best service that I have ever encountered for IPTV Brampton, Canada area. I spoke with the owner directly in a brief interview and they are upping the bar when it comes to a Premium IPTV Service.

You get 2100 LIVE Streaming Channels, and yes they have all those local channels that you crave. The best thing is even if they do not have those channels, you can contact support and they will add them for you. (If available) You can’t get much better then that right?

Along with the awesome amount of channels they have a great VOD Library of around 1000 Movies, TV shows, etc. And they are adding more and more every single day. I swear to you, every day I wake up and look at my TV, they have more awesome content added.

Support? These guys have the best support on the market. If you are not so tech savvy and need that additional help to get setup, these folks are right there to help you every step of the way. The best part is they wont give you any grief for it. They are fast friendly and an all around a great bunch of fellow Canadians like yourself.

Yeah I did forget to mention they are Canadian, so all of their prices are in Canadian dollars. Thank goodness for that right? You can check them out here.



Finishing Up

That’s it folks, I’m not going to sit on here and fill your head with a bunch of IPTV companies that I think will work. StreamBuddy is by far the best service your going to get for IPTV Brampton and other areas. I have been with these guys since they opened and its by far the best iptv subscription service I have ever had.


So check it our for yourself and make that glorious phone call to Bell or Roger’s and say “I don’t want your services anymore” You can shove them up your… Ok I wont go that far but you get the drift. That’s what I did when I cut the cord 4 years ago, and its saved me a bundle of money. Ya gotta think 220 dollars a month for 4 years? Thats $10,560 dollars of savings. I still don’t have that fancy car yet, but at least the cash saved went into my pockets and not there’s.

Anyway I hope this post helps other Canadians out there find a great service for IPTV. Brampton has certainly got a great iptv service.


Take Care & Stay Safe



BestBox Blogger


Check them out Here





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