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IPTV Canada – Whats the Best IPTV Service?

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IPTV Canada Service providers

IPTV Canada Subscription Based Television

IPTV Canada – Whats the Best Service?


Its finally here! IPTV makes it to Canada and WOW are you gonna ever be happy you read this post. Believe me when I tell you, I too have been robbed blind by the big cable companies in Canada the last 15 years. I know right, 15 years I’ve been hucking out 200 dollars a month of my hard earned cash just to watch television. Well not anymore! IPTV Canada is here, and its freakin awesome. If you don’t know what IPTV is then check out this post here. But if you know all about it then keep on reading.


So Whats the Top IPTV Services In Canada?


Im going to give you an honest review of what I think are the best. Most of them pretty well run the same way, and you get almost all the same channels you would expect. The biggest question I get is ” Will I get all my local channels? ” Yes you will. That’s what makes IPTV great! You get all the best channels that the big cable companies provide, PLUS you get all of your great local channels too. So you can stay on top of things with your local news, etc. Best thing is you can do it all from your Android Tv Box. If you don’t have one, you can check them out here. But I would highly suggest the H96 Pro Plus or the T95Z. You can check the specs out on the T95Z here! Its a great Android Box.

Anyways, I think thats the main thing that most people want to know. So lets get to the top IPTV providers in Canada.


iptv canada channel lineups




rocket streams IPTV service subscription


1. RocketStreams Tv

The Folks that run this IPTV server certainly has things done right. I have tested this service out and I certainly like it. Its a great IPTV Canada service that offers tons of channels with some top notch content. A lot of the channels come in HD so you don’t have to worry about the picture quality. In one sentence its a great service with fast streaming servers and high quality channels. Oh and the best part, they offer a 1 dollar signup for you to try! Check them out!



I like IPGUYS! They offer great service with lots of IPTV Canada Channels. You’ll get great local channels like CBC, CTV, NTV, Gobal and a ton more. They also have a great selection of American channels too including HBO, NBC, PeachTree, WSBK, etc. If your looking for a very reliable service, then these guys are it. Top notch support too.


IPTV canada usa logo





These Guys are now closed. Its a sad day in Canadian IPTV but RocketStreams Are Picking Up the Slack for loosing these guys. 

These guys offer a great service and there servers are super fast. I personally have used these guys for a long time and I love it. What makes it really great is they also keep up on there movies section. So if you are getting tired of watching TV and just want to relax and watch a movie, then its all right there in the IPTV menus. Great Service and Highly Recommended! You will get all of your local channels like CBC, CTV, Global, City Tv, and a whole pile more. The list just goes on and on. Theres also TONS of American channels including NBC, CBS, WSBK, PeachTree, AMC, History, Discovery, well you get the picture. Just an amazing service that you will certainly love! You can check them out here!

Well that is the TOP 3 IPTV Canada Service Providers that I would recommend to you. Three of these services are of nothing but Premium services that will deliver exactly what your looking for. Which is? Yeah a replacement for the high costing Cable bill every single month. Right? Nobody needs to pay 200 dollars a month for a sub par service.

So do yourself a favor and check out one of these services. You will be cutting the cord before the end of the month. I guarantee it!



Anyways, that’s enough from me. Hope you enjoyed the the post. Till the next time.


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger












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Jenny July 19, 2018 at 10:16 am

I signed up for IPTV a little while ago, and it’s been the best thing I ever did. So glad we got rid of Bell. Thanks for the recommendations, me and my husband can’t thank you enough. Great Content and writing Jonathon. Your a little funny sometimes. haha

Jonathon July 23, 2018 at 9:32 am

Thank you so much for the kind words Jenny. Your very welcome. I’m glad you enjoy our blog. 🙂

San July 31, 2018 at 9:32 am

Which IPTV server have Chinese Fairchild channel from Canada and TVB channel from Hong Kong? Can’t seem to find any server with these listing.

Jules August 9, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Jonathan thanks for all the great content! I’m a newbie to IPTV and want to know about being able to replay/record/catchup on a show or game so you can watch it after it streamed live. Do all IPTV service providers offer this (if yes, which ones), or is it a feature of the tv box you use?

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