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IPTV Express – Best Canada IPTV Subscriptions UPDATED

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iptv express vancouver canada

Best IPTV Express Subscriptions in Canada


So your looking for an IPTV express service? Not happy with your current provider? Poor Tech Support that never answers your emails. Yeah I feel your frustration, I have been there so many times trying to test out IPTV Providers. I have less hair now because of it. You would think this is a pretty easy thing to do, but it can get expensive when you bounce from provider to provider hoping the next one will be better.


Well that’s the reason for this blog post, I’m hoping to save a few fellow Canadians out there some money and hair. The last few years I have been doing blog post on the top Android Boxes and just recently started checking out more IPTV providers. As I was in the same boat as you. The guys would not write me back for support, they would not help me set it up. All they were good at is taking my money. If you do not know much about IPTV you can check this post out here.


So here is the TOP IPTV Express Providers that I have found in Canada. They are not perfect by no means, but they are much better then anything else on the market that I have found, and believe me I have spent some serious dollars in my frustration.


TOP 4 IPTV Subscription Providers – Canada

CanadaStreamsLive Logo IPTV


What can I say about these guys. The are absolutely amazing for IPTV. Believe me when I tell you, I have tried them all. For a while BestIPTVCanada was pretty good, but unfortunately they are down now.

With you will get great quality channels with the options of watching some channels in SD, HD or UHD. This is a major leap forward in the IPTV world, as it gives folks the options of going to a lower resolution channel if they have poor internet speeds. Genius to say the least.

You will find all the Canadian Channels one could expect with great USA, and WorldWide Selections as well. They do VOD sections but only for Movies. Which is not a big deal in my eyes, as I don’t watch many TV shows on there. One thing I did like about the VOD section is they don’t have a bunch of crappy movies nobody heard of before. Its all good Blockbusters that we know and love.

This service comes priced in at 16.99 Canadian. Yes that’s right, Canadian dollars for a Canada Service. I cant be any happier. Nobody likes paying USD dollar when you live in Canada. Plus its a great service even at that price.

The Tech Support is great as well. If you don’t know much about setting everything up, they can walk you through the process very easily. Plus they are super friendly, The Canadian way right?

This is my TOP PICK for 2019. One thing I might add is they are only taking it a limited amount of clients. So get your subscription in why you still can. They are doing this to limited the amount of people per server, so you smooth quality streaming. They get a Thumbs Up from me for that. You can check them out here.


iptv toronto canada subscription service iptv



2. BestIPTVCanada

I cant say enough great things about these guys. They have certainly made a great name in their Tech Support area. If these guys cant get you hooked up then nobody will. I have heard of some people of there Tech guys working on issues for 3 days until they got it fixed. Something you wont find anywhere else in the IPTV field.

To add they have top performing servers with fast high quality streams that does not lag or freeze. Now don’t get me wrong, they might experience problems from time to time, but if you compare that to other services they are by far the best.

Coming in at 14.99 a month Canadian dollars is certainly a good price also. I know other subscription services are hitting close to 20 buck Canadian, and they other guys always charge in US dollars. Which really grinds my gears. However BestIPTVCanada is a Canada based company that charges in Canadian dollars.

All in all, you wont go wrong with these guys, and Im proud to have them at the top of my list for IPTV Express providers. Plus, they’ll have your service hooked up in only a few hours. Not days! Heres a link to there site if you want to check them out.


iptv express



These guys are great IPTV Express Service too. I like the quality of the streams, and there VOD section was great also. They have good channel lineups, however I found alot of channels were duplicates and a few of the main ones I liked did not work at all. Use to get a lot of errors on CBC. I like the news and local hockey games, Right? But all in all a good system.

When it came to the Tech Support, they were helpful, but not that helpful. After a few emails, they certainly were not the nicest and made it seem as if I were taking up valuable time in there day. I do get it, they are busy, but eh I’d at least like to get my service hooked up without the grief.

One thing I did like with these guys was the Paypal gateway. This made it super easy for paying, and very secure. Well come on its Paypal, if ya cant feel secure on Paypal I guess ya gotta give up the online shopping

All in all they are a decent company with an OK channel lineup. There price came in at a little less then 20 bucks Canadian. Yes they do charge in US dollars which I personally dont like. If you a Canadian Company you should do your fellow Canadians a good gesture and have them pay in Canadian currency. That’s my take on it anyway.


out of service




I really liked when they first came out. There tech support was on the ball, and would have your problem fixed in no time. Whoever was running there Tech Department certainly knew there stuff when it comes to IPTV Troubleshooting.

These guys had a great channel lineup too, and I dont think they ever missed a local Canadian channel. Seems like every local CTV, or CBC channel was there. Which I liked very much. When it comes to there VOD section, they always have a great lineup of movies. Which is one thing that I liked most.

When it came to IPTV Express though, the express part was not there. Sometimes it would take me 2 days to get my account setup. I know they are probably busy as well, but I just want my TV to work. For me two days without my TV sucks the big one. sold themselves has a premium IPTV subscription provider so the price of there service was little higher then most. These guys came in at 22.99 per month. Which I thought was still a good price compared to paying BELL 200 per month. But higher then the other IPTV Providers out there. You can give them a quick google and they should pop right up.




Well I have to say, there were so many other providers that I tried and didnt even get service out of. So you have to be very careful on who you get. Seems to be some any fake IPTV guys out there that it aint even funny anymore.

If you stick with the list I have here, you’ll certainly be on the right track when it comes to getting the right IPTV Express subscription in Canada. seems to be the top Choice nowadays for 2019 and only time will tell for the rest of them.

Be sure to keep checking back here for more updates on who has the best IPTV Express Subscription in Canada. Until next time folks.




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Top 3 IPTV Express Subscriptions in Canada for 2019. Stop wasting your money on SCAM IPTV providers. Learn who is the IPTV Provider in Canada.

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