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IPTV Toronto Canada – Best IPTV Service UPDATED 2020

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IPTV Toronto is the main question that google is showing up these days. Why? Well everyone is completely tired paying out the bottom for sub par services. I can’t tell you how many years I have been paying companies like Bell, Rogers, Eastlink, and others to come to that main conclusion that if I needed good channels I’m looking at 150 dollars a month. YIKES! But I paid it for years sadly.

Like many Canadians we enjoy our television in those cold winter months, when its storming outside and you don’t want to even think about stepping into the blistery mess of hell. I’m from Canada too so I feel the pain as well.


IPTV Toronto – What is IPTV? 

So what is IPTV and how can you find it in Toronto? Hence the reason you searched IPTV Toronto? Well IPTV is an Internet based television service. I really did not know what it was till a few years back, when I watched a Youtube video of some guy using IPTV. I was think, WOW, that’s an insane amount of television channels.

So how many channels are we talking about? Were at least talking about 1400 – 4400 channels. Say What? And no I am not lying, your gonna get that many channels. The best thing about it is the channels are Canadian, and from all over the world.


What Channels do I get? 

You’ll get great channels that you normal have to pay premium services for if you were with Bell, huck Spit. Yeah I’m no fan of Bell. Anyways you can expect great channels like HBO, AMC, Discovery, PeachTree, WSBK, Showtime,Pay per View,Teletoon, I know I have kids too, gotta have teletoon. Plus when it comes to Canadian channels you get all the local channels like CBC, CTV, Global, CityTv, and more. I can keep name dropping all season, but winter is coming and you need to know what IPTV is the best. So let dig a little deeper.


How much money per month for IPTV?

To be honest with you, IPTV will not cost you much money per month. Were talking less then dollars Canadian. Which is a drop in the bucket when comparing it to you normal cable TV providers. Look what you get as well, were talking at least 1400 premium channels in great quality. A lot of the channels being in HD quality too.

So when it comes to breaking out the old wallet, don’t worry its going to be cheap.To add to it, your going to get getting all the channels you normally would get, but for a fraction of the cost. Mic Drop! Right?


Best IPTV Toronto Service? 

When it comes to IPTV Canada the biggest problem is there are not many IPTV providers here. So were kind of stuck with what we have. The other big problem is most of them suck! You need to know which is a good provider and which is poor one. The poor ones being there servers are super slow and not up to par for the amount of subscribers that have. Which makes slow streaming or sometimes slow channel loads.

Which in my eyes, can be highly mood disturbing. Nothing worst when you looking at a channel that you clicked on a few seconds ago, and its just a black screen. Nothing happening, what do you do? Throw the remote, have mental breakdown and move on right? Wrong! You find a better IPTV provider.


Top 4 IPTV Subscription Companies for Toronto

So hers a small list of the best IPTV Toronto subscription companies that worked for me. Some of these may not even be around anymore, as they come and go at times. Kind of like a dirty sock. 😛





My top pick for April 1, 2020 is going to be These guys have certainly cranked it up when it comes to IPTV Toronto and Canada. With over 1955 Channels and there awesome VOD service. You cant go wrong.

Like I said before these guys will carry on CanadaStreamsLive deal and offer limted people per server. This means nice streaming for you and a whole lot less buffering.

With the VOD service you will get everything you need. Yeah these guys dont brag and say they have 5000 Plus movies. Although I hate the fact with other IPTV services I have to browse through hundreds of movies I have never even heard of. These guys have a lower number of Movies, but all BlockBuster Hollywood Hits. Less time searching more time watching.

Another great thing is they offer there own app. Not many do these days so its a plus. I test it out on a few different boxes and it performs very nice. Much better then those third party apps.

If you want a premium service that is based in Toronto, Canada. Then check these fabulous guys out here.



These guys got taken down last September when most IPTV companies got taken down. Its sad they never recovered as it was a premium service. Over (50 Million) IPTV User were affected that month. 

2. has been setting the bar even higher for IPTV in Canada. Its said that one of the guys from BestiptvCanada left them and went on his own way. Obviously to make a much better service. These guys are a top notch service with excellent quality streams with no freezing.

They offer a good selection of Canadian, USA and Worldwide channels along with some great VOD Sections. Even though the VOD section is in the infant stages, they are putting in quality movies. Not a bunch of movies that you never heard of, as that gets annoying with other services.

Another great perk Id like to add is the channel quality options. For example, now they have up to 3 different channel selections for one network. So one channel has SD, HD, and UHD streams. So if you have poor internet you can switch to a lower quality stream and everything works smoothly. Great Idea!

The service comes in at 16.99 Canadian monthly. Seeing that these guys are all Canadian they have my full support. Support Local right? Plus its a really good price considering the service you are getting.

One thing I would like to mention that these folks are only accepting clients until they fill their two servers, as they want to give a top quality service. So NO Overloaded servers means nice smooth streaming. Once they have their clients they are shutting down the signup process and only catering to there existing clients. Which means a long sustainable service.

All in all, this is a top notch service, Canadian based and priced perfectly. Its the one that Im going with for 2019. You can check them out here.







I have been with for a few a while now. Why? Well there servers are much faster then any of the others and they have a huge channel lineup. When it comes to channels you certainly won’t be let down. Your looking at all the PPV channels, Local Channels that we have grown to love, plus all of the best American Channels. Like NBC, AMC, All of the Discovery Channels, H&GTv, CBS, WSBK, PeachTree, History 1 and 2, Spike. Well that’s just to name a few, but you get the picture. The Video On Demand featured is by far the best I have seen. These guys have already been rated the Top IPTV Service provider, so you can definitely see why. With BestIPTVCanada, you cannot go wrong, plus they are the CHEAPEST IPTV Subscription service in Canada. Coming in at a low 14.99 Canadian dollars. So feel free to check them out here.


#4. IPGUYS IPTV Service


I was using these guys for a a little while. At first I loved them. They offered great channels lineups and there servers were semi fast. What I also liked about IPGuys was there ability to fix problems super fast. For example, I was with another provider at one time, and they misplaced my MAC address. Well my subscription got canceled and it took them two days to get back to me. But with IPTV Guys you wont have to worry, there support team works overtime. With this company you will get all the same channel line ups I said before. Were talking PPV channels so you don’t miss a fight, AMC so you never miss The Walking Dead, or all them great local channels like Global, CityTv, CBC, CTV, and others.

One problem I have encounter with IPGuys lately which I certainly don’t like is there servers becoming very slow. They seem to work great after loading, but waiting for the screen to load in the beginning is painfully slow Go make yourself another coffee and come back, that bad. And some of there channels are listed in the guide but do not work. Basically you get to a channel and click on it, but nothing happens. Just a black screen of nothing. So that’s why they are number two on this list. But other then that, IPGuys are a decent service. Hopefully they get there act together soon. Give them a quick google if your interested in them. On to the next.


#4. IPTV Subscription Service

Do NOT go with SETNOW.CA They are currently out of business and all of there servers are down. PLEASE DO NOT sign up with these guys any longer. They are Done!

Setnow is a good IPTV service as well. I had these guys for a few months. There servers seem legit, and seemed to keep up. When it comes to the channel lineups they are up to par as well. Giving us lots to choose from. These guys were also a little cheaper too, which sometimes is great. But other times you know that going the cheap route can sometimes be a downfall. Long story short, if you didn’t like any of the other guys, then check these guys out. They have a great channel lineup, and there servers are prettty good too.


IPTV Service in Toronto Conclusion


Well if your still doing the him and haa then I’d have to suggest go back up to and try out a tester package. Its only a few dollars and you can try the service out for yourself. See if you like it. Cant go wrong with that right? The trial membership enables you to see for yourself, what you are getting without taking my word for it.

But if you are sure you know what you want… heres a link to IPTV Subscription.  Take it from a guy that has been around the block a few times when it comes to IPTV companies. I’ve tried most of them.

Anyways, I hope this helps you make an educated decision for choosing the right IPTV service for you. If you liked this post, check out this post about IPTV. It goes a little deeper into what the actual IPTV service and how it works.


Thats it for me, Im outa here!

Cheers 🙂


Jonathon – BestBox Blogger






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