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IPTV – Learn More about IPTV & Canada Top Providers 2020

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IPTV – What is it? 

You might be wondering what all the talk is about when it comes to Canadian IPTV. Well I could sit here and give you the big worded meaning of it, but I wont. I will try to simplify this a little better. IPTV is Live TV streams captured from all over the world from online sources then broadcast with a Multi-Cast Server. This enables users to access LIVE TV channels from all over the world. For example, Canada, USA, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, etc.

IPTV has changed dramatically in the last few years. Mainly the software that is used to run the server. This is sometimes called Middleware and its made for all different sorts of broadcasting. However some smart folks out there realized they could use this for broadcasting live tv channels. Five years later, here we sit with a thriving IPTV community growing day by day.

For a more Detailed list of Canada’s Top 5 Subscription services. Check them out here. But to learn a little more, keep on reading.

Iptv Box

What Do I need for IPTV?


To be honest a person don’t need much when it comes to getting an IPTV subscription service. To start you will need one of the following. Android Box, Mag Box, Laptop, Tablet, Phone or Smart TV. IPTV is very versatile and compatible with almost any device. Even Apple Devices with the help of online IPTV APPS.

Once you have one of the above all that is required is a subscription to a IPTV subscription service. Then you can start streaming almost immediately. Some providers give out there own APPS which makes the service even easier to setup. With just a username and password you can start streaming very easily.

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Who Do I choose for my IPTV Subscription? 


That has been the question for so many people. One issue with IPTV is that there has been a lot of cheap companies out there with a sub par service. You might think this is not a big deal however when your watching a stream and it starts buffering constantly. You’ll be wanting to change providers as soon as possible.

Choosing the right provider can be hard because you never know who has a good service and who doesn’t. Without spending money. Well lucky for you we have tested almost every service on the market for the last 4 years. So we have good idea on who to go with.

If you are from Canada like us, you are in luck. It seems as if Canada as some of the best IPTV providers in the world. For what reason I do not know, maybe they just know what us fellow Canadians want to watch. Whatever the case might be, they got things taken care of in a good way.

The best IPTV service that we found in Canada was They have a nice APP that runs very smoothly with almost any device and there servers seem to always run smooth. I’ve also looked at there VOD section and I really liked it. One perk that I did notice is that you do not have to look through hundreds of movies you have never heard of. Unlike other Providers. This makes browsing the Movies Section very easy.

So if you want to check them out I have included a link below for you.


iptv canada company

Best IPTV Subscription Service in Canada and the USA. 



IPTV Perks – Whats so great about it?

IPTV has come a long ways since the early beginnings. However in the most recent years companies have been able to to obtain more and more channels as the rest of the world slowly gets to online broadcasting.

With this being said a lot of companies now have access to thousands of channels online. This works out great for the consumer because for a low monthly fee you can have access to thousands of channels. Something you would never get with a big cable provider like Bell or Rogers. This is only the first perk to having an IPTV subscription.

Second thing I like most about IPTV subscriptions is the fact they have very nice ONDemand features. You can access hundreds if not thousands of Movies, Shows, etc all from the touch of a button. Best thing about it, its nothing like NetFlix. These movies are new with some of them still in Theatres.

One of the biggest issues I do find with cheap IPTV services is that a lot of them have horrible movie lineups. For example, in the mix of the list there are a lot of movies I have never even heard of. Although StreamBuddy is not like that. They have nothing but premium movies in there Movie Lineups. One of the reasons I recommend them.

canadian money iptv savings
Cheap IPTV Service or Premium – Whats the Difference?

When testing out different IPTV Subscriptions we started out with the cheaper ones. You know them cheap IPTV services that advertise thousands of channels for under 10 – 14 dollars Canadian. We tried so many of these although some seem to run better then others, it’s a poor choice.

But the one thing they all had in common was buffering issues. With these Cheap IPTV services they tend to overload the servers with to many people. Why? Because they can get more money with less expense. So what happens is they overload the servers with massive amounts of people? Then they do not spend any extra money on Bandwidth. A bandwidth bottleneck is what happens.

Think of all the people trying to access a small amount of bandwidth. What happens in this case is the streaming middleware software divides the bandwidth between everyone equally. So if there is not enough bandwidth to go around, everyone equally starts to buffer.

This can be so frustrating when you are trying to enjoy a movie or a show. The continuous pausing and buffering will make you smash the device and walk away. So once again stick with a premium service. Paying another 4 dollars per month will save you all this grief.

The last thing I want to talk about with cheap iptv services compared to Premium IPTV subscriptions is the Tech Support. A lot of these cheap services are hosted and owned from overseas companies. I don’t mind purchasing things from overseas. However when something goes wrong, most of the cheap companies will hardly help with setup and troubleshooting. Also when they do, its very hard to get good direction and for some folks that are not tech savvy, this can be a nightmare.



iptv buffering
IPTV Buffering and Latency Issues? 

Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, buffering is one of the hardest things to overcome. Now sometimes this can be caused from the Iptv provider, but sometimes it can be caused by the distance between you and the hosted server.

When the hosted Iptv Server is a long distance away from you, this means you the buffering and pausing issues can be caused from latency. What is latency? Latency = Delay. This is the time it takes for the information from one server to be sent to you on the receiving end. (Your Android or IPTV Box)

So when a server is hosted in China for example. Say you are located in Canada, and the hosted Iptv server is in China. The time it takes for the stream content to be sent to your receiver (Android Or Mag Box) in Canada will much longer then if the hosted server was located in Canada itself. This is understandable as there is a great distance apart from you and the hosted server.

This can cause the latency problems and give you the buffering and pausing issues as well. Now some IPTV subscription companies will tell you there server is located in Canada or the USA, however a lot of the time this is not true.

We have ways of detecting where the servers are located and most cheap IPTV services had lied about where there servers were located. And almost 97% of the cheap servers had buffering issues because of latency caused by overseas servers.

So once again, another great reason to stear clear of these cheap services. Use a service like StreamBuddy that is located in Canada with verified servers in Canada.



summing up iptv

Summing Things Up


So just to recap on what we have talked about today. We learned what IPTV is, and rough example on how it works. We learned that  most services are and easily compatible with most almost any digital device. Even though an Android Box or Mag Box is highly recommended.

We know that the services offered by IPTV Canada companies far outweighs what we would get from a normal TV provider. Thousands of channels and way more VOD services. How can you go wrong right?

Latency is the biggest issue when it comes to slow IPTV Providers and is usually caused by cheap IPTV services that are hosted to far away from where you are receiving the stream.

Number one thing to keep in mind, if you are located in Canada or the United States, stick with a local IPTV company. One that has servers hosted right in your own backyard. This will make your streaming service much better. Also, stay away from cheap services. You might only pay a few dollars a month for it, however you are much better to spend another 4 or 5 dollars for a premium service.


Well thats all from me once again, I hope this article help some folks out there understand what IPTV is and how it works. If you are among the Cordcutters, good luck to you and Happy Streaming.


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