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Kodi Addon Installer – Easy Step Guide – BestBox

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What is a Kodi Addon Installer?


To be honest, there is not a whole lot to learn about Kodi Android Boxes. Once you learn the basics you can pretty well do anything you want to them. In the beginning it may seem very hard to accomplish this and may even seem impossible at times. I was computer programmer for years and it seemed a little hard for me when I first started using my Android Box. But I jumped online and started researching and it began to become much simpler has I understood what Addons, Builds and repositories were.

I will not turn this into a huge post or anything like that, as it tends to bore some people. Even bored me too, and I’m a techy kind of guy. Heres the simple and easiest way for me to describe what a kodi addon installer is.

A kodi addon installer is a way that you can install many different addons at one time. When android boxes first came out on the market you had to install each addon by itself. This was time consuming and a total pain in the butt. So programmers/developers began to make it much easier for us.

A kodi Addon install allows you to install many different Kodi Addons such as Covenant, Elysium, Exodus, Bob Unleashed and many more all in one procedure. So you don’t have to install each addon by itself, which sometimes could take you all night. The addon installer allows you to install hundreds within minutes.

Whats the Best Addon Installer?


Most people don’t call them addon installers anymore. They usually install what I call builds. Builds are the same as a kodi addon installer, but they give you better navigation within Kodi. This allows the user to navigate much easier from Movies to Tv Shows and many other categories you like. The builds also do much better then the old addon installers. Builds install hundreds of addons in seconds & its a very easy process to do. What I would suggest to anyone would be to install a build, and they will presently surprised on how easy it is. Plus, they get lots of addons without having to do a whole lot of work.

So if you want to impress your friends like your some techy kind of guy or girl, then check out this post on how to install the best kodi builds. In the post I have explain what the best kodi builds for 2018 are and gave full tutorials with screenshots. I will post a link at the bottom of the page for you.


Cellar Door Build - Addon Installer



Well I hope this explained something for you, and I certainly hope that you learned something from this post. At least you know what a kodi addon installer is and what a build is. Personally I would go with the build installs, there just plain awesome. Plus they make you android tv box look stellar.

Anyways, that’s long enough for this blog post. If you like what you read let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have any questions, let us know as well. We love to help.



Guide to Install Best Kodi Builds of 2018 HereĀ 






BestBox Team



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Kodi Addon Installer - Easy Step Guide
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Kodi Addon Installer - Easy Step Guide
Learn How to Install the Kodi Addon Installer with our Easy Step Guide.
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