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Kodi Titanium Installation Guide – BestBox

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How to Install Kodi Titanium Build – Step By Step Guide


The Kodi Titanium build is an amazing build with lots of sections and addon’s. Its the new updated version from Daily Wizard, and it already has a huge fan base. It has movies, live sports, live tv shows, sports replay, kids shows and so much more. Its really obvious why this kodi Titanium build is such hit in the kodi community. The nav functions and interface with the kodi titanium build is very smooth and easy to get around in. This gives the user a very effective way to easily pop in and out of menus.


Awesome Graphics in this Build

If you love those awesome backgrounds that come with other kodi builds, then you will love these. Kodi Titanium has some of the coolest background that just seem to flow without making the addon slow. You will also like the fact that this kodi build is updated on a regular basis. So if certain add-on’s stop working then you don’t have to worry, as they update so often that everything always seem to run smoothly.


XonFluence Skin for 2018

The Titanium kodi build uses the Xonfluence Skin. The Xonfluence Skin allows you to run this build on other devices very smoothly, and is one of the reason why it comes so highly recommended.

Anyway, I think I have said enough about this build. If you have any bit of the interest in this kodi build, then proceed. I recommend the kodi Titanium build for anyone. Trust me, you will like this one.




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Titanium Build ScreenShots

kodi titanium build screenshot titanium build screenshot titanium kodi build screenshot


How to Install Kodi Titanium Build (Step By Step Guide)

Step 1. From the home screen, go to settings. 

 titanium kodi build


Step 2. Click on File Manager

kodi titanium build


Step 3. Click the Add Source Icon

kodi titanium build step 3


Step 4. Click in None

kodi titanium build step 4 sreenshot


Step 5. Enter this address exactly has shown.

kodi titanium build step 5 screenshot


Step 6. Now name it Supreme.

titanium build step 6 screenshot


Step 7. Yours should look exactly like this.

titanium build kodi screen shot step 7


Step 8. From the Homepage goto the Addon’s Menu.

Titanum build step 8 screenshot


Step 9. Click on the Add-on Icon in the top left. 

Titanium kodi build step 9


Step 10. Click on Install from Zip File. 

Kodi Titanium Build step 10 screenshot


Step 11. Click the Supreme File Name.

Titanium kodi build step 11


Step 12. Click on

kodi titanium build install step 12 screenshot


Step 13. It will pop up Supreme Build Repository Enabled.

kodi titanium build install


Step 14. Click on Install from Repository. 

titanium build install screenshot step 14


Step 15. Next click on the Supreme Build Repository. 

kodi titanium build install screenshot step 15


Step 16. Click on Program Add-on.

kodi titanium build screenshot step 17


Step 17. Click on Supreme Builds Wizard.

kodi titanium build step 17


Step 18. Then Click Install. 

step 18 titanium build kodi


Step 19. Supreme Build Wizard Enabled will Pop up.

kodi titanium build screenshot step 19


Step 20. Go Back to your home screen & then click add-ons.

Step 20 kodi titanium build install screenshot


Step 21. Click on Program Add-on’s. 

kodi titanium build step 21 screenshot


Step 22. Click on Supreme Builds Wizard.

Titanium Build step 22 screenshot


Step 23. Now click on Supreme Builds.

titanium step 23 build install


Step 24. Click on Titanium Build. 

kodi titanium build step 24 install


Step 25. Click on the Standard Install. 

kodi titanium build step 25 sreenshot


Step 26. And now click yes to Install.

kodi titanium step 26


Step 27. Next it will Download & Install. So sit back and wait.

kodi titanium build step 27


Step 28. Click on Force Close. 

step 28 titanium build


Step 29. After it completes it’s install it will Restart Kodi. 

Now your done. But remember to let Kodi update the add-on’s first. This will take a couple minutes.

kodi titanium build step 29 screenshot



Well there you have it. Another great build installed. If you had any problems with installing this build, then just post your comments below or check us out on youtube. The kodi titanium build is an all around great kodi build for ease of use. You’ll certainly love what it has to offer. Also if you had problems with the install, check this video out below. Its  a complete walkthrough of the kodi titanium install.

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Kodi Titanium Installation Guide - BestBox
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Kodi Titanium Installation Guide - BestBox
Learn how to install the Kodi Titanium Build with our easy to use guide. Install this build super fast and enjoy everything that Kodi Titanium has to offer.
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