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Poseidon Addon Kodi – Easy Step Guide

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Poseidon Addon Kodi Krypton 17.6 –


How to Install the Poseidon Addon -Easy Step Guide


Poseidon is a great new addon that allows you to watch a ton of great movies, tv shows, and sports. I personally like this Kodi Addon too. Its not super popular so everyone in the country isn’t viewing the same streams. While you notice all the same great content like the other addons, but the Poseidon Addon will stream much better. When it comes to Kids entertainment, there is lots to choose from as well.

People have said that Poseidon is an old part of the Exodus addon, but personally I don’t believe it. Exodus has nothing on this, while Poseidon is good I think its just internet hear say. So I wouldn’t believe it if I were you. From all the Movies, Tv Shows, Kids Shows, Sports and Fitness, the Poseidon Addon is an extremely powerful Android Addon that will keep you on the edge of your seats for a long time. Poseidon is updated often too, so you won’t have to worry about looking at old movies week after week. So lets get to the install.

Be sure to have the unknown sources tab turned on before attempting this install. If you do not know how to do this, then check out this post here.


Step By Step Guide to Install Poseidon Addon – BestBox


Step 1. From the Home Screen go to the settings menu.


Step 2. Click on the File Manager


Step 3. Click on the Add Source.


Step 4. Click on None.


Step 5. Type this Address EXACTLY has shown. Double Check it!


Step 6. Name it Soulless (For your own Reference later)


Step 7. Yours should look like the one below. 


Step 8. Go back to the Home Screen and click on Addons.


Step 9. Click on the Addon browser in the top left of the screen. 


Step 10. Click on Install from Zip File.


Step 11. Click on the Soulless Menu. 


Step 12. Next click on


Step 13. A popup will appear saying Soulless Repository Enabled like below.


Step 14. Click on Install from Repository.


Step 15. Click on the Soulless Repo.


Step 16. Click on Video Addons Next. 


Step 17. Click on Posideon.


Step 18. Click on Install & Your Done!


The Poseidon Addon for Kodi Kyrpton is Install! Congrats!


Did I write that last heading for no reason. You should have this addon installed and on your way to streaming some great content. If you do have problems with the install post a comment below in the comments section.

Another great way to install these good addons is by installing a build. A build is a nice menu layover on top of kodi. It makes it easier to navigate through addons. and you don’t have to install each addon separately. Installing one build, you can install hundreds of kodi addons at the same time automatically. To learn more about installing a build, check out this great post on the best kodi builds of 2018. 

To stay on top of the best Kodi OS installs, also check out the newest version of kodi here. 

Enjoy this post and congrats on the new install. That’s all for me today. Time for a movie.



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Poseidon Addon Kodi - Easy Step Guide
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