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Pulse Kodi CCM Install – Easy Step Guide

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Pulse Kodi Build Review – – BestBox

How to Install Pulse Kodi CCM for Krypton 17


Pulse Kodi CCM for Krypton is one of my favorite builds of 2017. These guys thought of it all. From sleek menu options, sub categories and add-on’s. Nothing left out when it comes to the kodi build for example on my older boxes I found this build runs really good. If your running on some of the older KitKat 4.4 android OS’s, then this might be a great build for you. As it comes to crashing, I have only had this build crash once or twice over a year period. So with that said, its a very dependable build that will certainly satisfy you with performance.

Now, your thinking… yeah yeah… come on with it Todd… whats on it for add-on’s. Well your going to find all the best add-on’s on this build. If your into movies, TV shows, or Sports, this build as it. You’ll get Covenant, Elysium, Uk Turks, Salts, 123 Movies, CCloud, and a whole lot more. The add-on even surprised me as I found a lot of kids add-ons too. In my opinion, I know this is rated number 4 on our list, but its jammed packed with all the content you will ever want… and its a super easy install that don’t take all night to download.


Not sure if this build is right for you? Or Having trouble installing? Check our our Top 5 Kodi Builds for 2018 here.


Easy Step Guide for Pulse Kodi CCM Build Install – ScreenShots Included


Screenshots of Pulse CCM Kodi Build

How to install Pulse Kodi CCM on Krypton 17 – Easy Step Guide


Step 1. From the Home screen go to settings.

pulse kodi build step 1


Step 2. Click on the File Manager icon.

pulse kodi ccm build step 2


Step 3. Click on Add Source.

pulse ccm kodi build step 3


Step 4. Click on None.

pulse ccm kodi build step 4


Step 5. Enter this address exactly like this. Double check it.


pulse kodi build step 5


Step 6. So now you want to name it Fire Tv Guru.


Step 7. Yours should look exactly like this. If not, repeat Steps 5 & 6.


Step 8. From the main menu click on Add-on’s.

pulse kodi build step 8


Step 9. Click on the Add-on browser in the top left. (Looks like a little box)

pulse ccm kodi build step 9


Step 10. Now click on Install from Zip File.


Step 11. A box will open like this, Click on Fire Tv Guru.


Step 12. Click on


Step 13. A Popup will appear on the right saying Fire Tv Guru Repository Installed.

pulse kodi build step 14


Step 14. Click on Install from repository.


Step 15. Click on Fire Tv Guru Repository. 


Step 16. Click on Program Add-on’s.


Step 17. Click on Fire Tv Guru Wizard.

pulse kodi step 18


Step 18. Click On Install.


Step 19. A popup will appear on the right side saying Fire Tv Guru Wizard Installed.


Step 20. Go back to the Home Screen and click on Add-on’s. 


Step 21. Click on Program Add-on’s. 


Step 22. Click on FTG Wizard.


Step 23. Now click on FTG Builds.


Step 24. Next click on Pulse CCM Build.

pulse kodi step 24


Step 25. Click the Standard Install.


Step 26. Click Yes Install.


Step 27. Wait for it to Dowload & Install.


Step 28. Click on OK.


Step 29. After it installs, restart kodi & your Pulse CCM build will be installed. 

Be sure to give it time to update its add-ons and menus.


Congrats on Installing The Pulse CCM Kodi Build

If your having trouble with the tutorial and its screenshots. Check out this Youtube video of a complete walk through. Once again another great build. The Pulse Kodi CCM Build is one of the best builds that I have encounter for usability and clean operation. If you don’t like this build, please check out our Top 5 Kodi Add-ons for 2017 here.


Keep up with the latest version of Kodi, download it here.


Pulse Kodi CCM Install - Easy Step Guide
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Pulse Kodi CCM Install - Easy Step Guide
Learn how to install Pulse Kodi CCM build with our Easy Step Guide. All guides include screenshots that will enable you to install any build easily.
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