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Should I Buy a $50 Dollar Android Box?

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This is usually the first thing that anyone buying an android boZx ask themselves. I’ve asked myself too. Is it worth the money? Why buy a box for $100 bucks when I can get one for $50? That is what were going to talk about here today.


In my complete honest opinion, I don’t think there is a big difference in buying the fifty dollar box or the one hundred dollar box. Your still going to be able to watch the same movies, and streaming the content will remain somewhat the same. Most all Android boxes run from an operating system (O.S) called Kodi. Now there are certain builds of Kodi that will be better then others, but in the end, its still Kodi. So your going to be watching the same movies, same shows, using the same apps as you would with any Android box.


Now if your a power user, or you like having your electronics run fast, or hate the wait times when loading, then Id suggest you buy the more expensive box (100 bucks and up). With the lower end boxes, most of the time they only have 1 Gig of Ram and a slower GPU or less GPU’s. What this means for you is your going to experience longer loading times between movies (minute or two), some apps may crash at times. Or sometimes the lower end boxes won’t support HD 4K. With the higher end boxes, they usually come with 2 Gigs of Ram and UP. Most newer boxes have 3 Gigs now. This is what your looking for when you want a fast box which has very short load times, can run any apps flawlessly, and will support HD 4K without any problems.


I think for the user that is not going to be watching to much TV, maybe the cheaper end box would be ok for you. Even though it will become outdated very fast as the hardware is already low end. But if your a user that watches a decent amount shows, movies, etc. Then buying the higher end boxes like the T95Z, or the H96 would be ideal for you. Nothing worst then kids complaining because Dad or Mom cheaped out with the crappy box and there movies are freezing. Right?


So to conclude this short write up, if you dont watch a lot of Tv and your looking to just test the waters with Android Boxes then check out the Yuma Android Box. You might like it. But if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, and would like something that is going to run flawlessly and last many years before coming obselete. Then check out the H96 or the T95Z, both are great Android boxes with awesome hardware. Hope this helps and be sure to leave your questions or comments below.


BestBox Team


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