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Should I buy a keyboard remote?

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android box keyboard remote



You may think spending the few extra bucks might be a waste of money. I thought it was when I first bought my android tv box. But I can honestly tell you, within the first few days I could see why I may need it. When using an Android Tv box you sometime may need to type things in, for example when searching for a specific movie, television show, etc. Doing this on a standard remote can be a major pain. If any of you ever tried typing things in T9 style on you smart tv remote, you fully understand what I’m talking about.

backlight android keyboard remote

So its clear that you need a good remote or your Android experience maybe faulted. What Android Tv Remote do I buy? Well you can buy any of them really. Most of them look like the picture above and for the most part they are generally the same. You may notice on sites like amazon you find ones that have the keyboard with lights like this. They usually cost a little more money and its completely up to you. Its more of a style thing really. Its not like those little lights are going to make you see any better when typing.


The price of these little things range anywhere from 15 – 30 dollars, depending on who you buy them from and shipping cost. But all in all, they will make you entertainment much more enjoyable. You can watch the video below to see how they work. Very simple really, and works just like you would think. Great buy and a must have really.


There you have it. So if you don’t have one of these great little remotes you can check them out here on Amazon. Its a must have if your going to be using you Android box on a regular bases. Be sure to leave any questions or comments below and Thanks for checking out our blog.


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