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Whats the hype about the new T95Z?

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T95Z Android Box


T95z Android Box Right for you?


T95z Android Box right for you? So your probably wondering whats all the hype about this Android tv box? Well over the years the producers of these boxes have made good name for themselves. The T95Z have always tried to be the pinnacle of the Android boxes and like always being on the top makes them strive even harder each year. Here are some of the specifications that comes with the new 2017 T95Z Android Box.

Well start, the box comes with a whopping 3 Gigabyte of Ram. What does this mean? It means your going to be running at top performance. You won’t find any slow downs in the loading times and you will be able to operate your apps much quicker. Is it noticeable from the 2 Gig box? I can say in honesty, YES! I own the 2 Gig box and I also own the 3 Gig, just purchased this year. Running the two boxes side by side you can certainly see that the 3 Gig Android Box well outperforms the other.

S912 OctoCore


Whats else comes with this box? The T95Z crew have finally upgraded there processor to the Amlogic S912 Octa-Core. This will insure that your box runs without any complications. Combine that with the  Octo-Core Mali-450 GPU and your streaming content without lag issues and running apps without crashes. This box also comes with the new Android 6.0 MarshMallow operating system, so you can be assured that your running the latest OS at top performance.

All around, I think this is one of the must have boxes for 2017. With all the top chipsets and high amount of ram, its a great buy for anyone and its priced great. Got something to say? Leave your comments below or watch the youtube unboxing of the T95Z Android Box.



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Amanda April 30, 2018 at 1:32 am

You said it perfectly.!

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